Adidas Tiro 17 Men’s Soccer Training Pants Review

Introduction :

Adidas is a popular global brand.  They are one of the major leaders in the manufacturing and marketing of sporting goods all over the world.  The Adidas brand and 3 stripe logo are easy identified by consumers across almost all demographics.  Adidas maintains its brand presence in the market with its use of popular celebrities and sports personalities that represent the brand.  Below you will find a complete review of Adidas Tiro 17 Men’s Soccer Training Pants. Adidas has cemented its status as a high-end luxury brand wih their strategic marketing.  Adidas has collaborated with famous musicians and celebrated fashion designers to ensure they are maintaining their appeal to the ever-growing generation with spending power to wield.



Product Features of  Adidas Tiro 17 Soccer Training Pants :

These Tiro 17 Men’s Soccer Training Pants are made from 100% Polyester Doubleknit material. They are made using Adidas’s trademarked Ventilated ClimaCool®technology. This is an innovation in Adidas’s manufacturing of materials that are designed to keep the wearer feeling cool and dry.
The ClimaCool technology was created using thermal images of athletes in motion. This allowed the manufacturer to identify the areas where athletes sweat the most and place mesh sweat panels in those areas. TheClimaCoolmaterial works by conducting heat and sweat away from the body. This allows the fabric to breathe and adjust to changes in body temperature during exercise. The three-dimensional fabrics produced by Adidas, enable the circulation of air close to the surface of the skin. It increases the micro-ventilation of generated body heat through strategically inserted mesh panels.
In the Tiro 17 Soccer Training pants, these panels are located at the back, below the waistband.  This means that the wearer will not have to endure the uncomfortable experience of having sweaty fabric stick to their skin.
Adidas have produced items of clothing with many variations of design elements including pique, textured mesh, and ribbing. Whatever the design, each item will be highly breathable and allow moisture ventilation.  Some ClimaCool fabrics are even fitted with sunscreen protection of up to UPF 15+.
Clothes made with ClimaCoolfabrics can be more fitted in its cut, yet still provide an effective, dry experience for the wearer.
Adidas have applied this technology to many of the things they produce including; jackets, shirts, dresses and even shoes.
These particular pants have a slim fit cut, promoting easy footwork. The pants have a drawcord in an elasticated waistband, with mesh inserts below the back of the waistband.
These soccer training pants are fitted with two front pockets that have zip closures.  It sports the Tonal 3-Stripes design on both sides. The lower leg has a ribbing effect.
These men’s soccer training pants will allow you to warm up without overheating. The innovative fabric ensures your body has maximum breathability, it will keep the air moving around your skin while you are engaged in any physical activity.

Let’s enjoy a Video Review of Adidas Tiro 17 Men’s Soccer Training Pants :

Pros :

  • Made from 100% polyester, these pants will wash well and maintain its quality for a long time.
  • The ClimaCool fabric will keep the wearer cool and dry.
  • The elasticated waist band and drawcord features will allow the pants to be able to comfortably fit most regular sizes.
  • The quality of materials used will give a good finish to the garment and allow it to withstand wear and tear.

Cons :

  • Some people are allergic to the polyester in these trousers.  These are not recommended to people who suffer with eczema or similar skin conditions.
  • The ClimaCool fabric may not provide good insulation in colder temperatures.  If the wear is sensitive to extreme cold, it may not be the best option for them.
  • The standard measurements Adidas used to making these pants might mean that it will not be suitable for very tall or petite people.
  • The technology and quality of materials used in producing these items will have to be reflected in the price.  It is likely that these training pants will be considerably more expensive than from a generic manufacturer.

Frequently Asked  Questions :

Question: How are these training pants different than the Tiro 15?
Answer: The design is different. Theydo both have the tapered leg design, they’re made from similar fabric and the 17 has zippered pockets but it appears the 15 does not.

Question: Is this item good for the rain?
Answer: No, this item is not good for rain or for cold. It is best worn for fashion purposes.

Question: Will these pants shrink in the wash?
Answer:If you wash according to instructions, no.  Generally, cotton shrinks, these are mostly polyester, so they do not shrink. 

Question: Is the Adidas logo by the pocket stitching?
Answer: No it is an iron on, it looks like a sticker.

Question: Are these pants comfortable for long road trips/airplane rides
Answer: Yes, my husband wears them around the house and even to do light shopping.

Question: Is there elastin or stretch in this fabric? Every previous version of this pant was 100% poly with no stretch.
Answer: No, these pants do not have that much stretch, the tapering at the ankles for the fitted feel only.

Question: Are these pants available in white? And if so is the white version transparent?
Answer: Yes, they are available in white. No, they are not transparent.

Question: Is there a matching jacket for these pants? I can’t find it.
Answer: There is a matching jacket, unfortunately they are currently out of stock.


Conclusion :

Adidas has been able to produce yet another functional item of clothing that will be a good addition to any athlete or soccer player’s collection.  According to the number of satisfied customers that have reviewed the product, these Tiro 17 Soccer Training pants will maintain its quality after many wears and washes.  Although, perhaps not ideal for colder climates or seasons.  These pants will allow athletes to stay cool and dry in conditions that would usually leave them feeling hot and sticky. Overall, the Adidas Tiro 17 Soccer Training Pants seem to be comfortable, fashionable and easy to wear.

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