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Nike Vapor Speed 2 TD Cleats! [A Fast Review].

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Ever met a pair of football cleats with a dashing look and striking performance? If not, then let us introduce you to Nike Vapor Speed 2 TD. It is a new version of the Nike Vapor Cleats. Different from earlier versions, Speed 2 TD offers everything unique for which we thought to highlight the footwear.

If you are looking for a pair that offers great traction, durability, and flexibility, then this football cleat makes an ideal pick. And you want a reason? Well, there are many to talk about.

Below you will get all the features that the cleat possesses so you get to know why to grab it.

nike vapor speed 2 td

Available Colors and Designs:

Features of Nike Vapor Speed 2 TD:


This football cleat comes with a ribbed design on the outside of the shoe. While you have one Nike swoosh in the middle of the cleat, there is also a big swoosh right on the toe which extends to the outside? Then you will also find an old-school Nike word down at the back that complements the design of the cleat.

The sides have a mesh part as well that has been added to give a look to the design. So, it does not really contribute to giving ventilation. So, we can say that the breathability is a bit poor.

Speaking of the cleat, it comes in white color with black patterns and studs which definitely give a different and chic look to its appearance.

Moreover, it comes with a 13-cleat configuration for control so you can bring the best out of the footwear. Besides, the upper has used synthetic leather for offering comfort.

You will also have Flywire technology with the cleat that helps in giving great support. It happens to be engineered with high strength threads that function similar to suspension bridge cables.

So, for its construction, the cleat deserves 4.5/5.


Traction is something that does not only offer a grip of the football cleat to the ground but also give a great impact on your performance. The Speed 2 TD football cleat comes with an excellent traction plate that you will find right there at the bottom.

This is an updated plate that is very much different than the vapor untouchable and the pro versions since both use carbon fiber plates. When it comes to Speed 2 TD, the brand has used the TPU plate which is basically thermoplastic urethane.

Speaking of the plate, you have blades at the front as well as the bottom that are mixed with studs around. These are positioned in such so that they can help you in multidirectional movement in different types of cuts.

So we rate it 5/5 for traction

Fitment and adjust-ability:

The cleat comes with a lacing system that mainly plays the role of the fit. You have white laces that you can tie up for adjustment and fitment. Moreover, cleat happens to offer a snug fit.

Although some users felt that they take time to break-in, after the period, you will love to use it. Once the cleat fits snugs to your feet, you will realize how much it gives a positive impact on your performance during the play.

Moreover, its tongue is something to like about because it is so thin that it makes it comfy to wear. Besides, you can also stretch it that makes the compression fit in the cleat vision, so you can have a secure fit.

So, for fitment, we give it 4/5

Cushioning and comfort:

This pair of cleat comes with Achilles pads on the inside. These Achilles pads provide cushion to make your feet feel comfortable.

Moreover, you will also find a collar that also has been equipped to offer cushioned support.

However, some people found the padding to be pretty uncomfortable, so this can work as a little con sometimes.

For this, we would rate cushioning 4/5


As for the weight, you will find it pretty light that comes in just around 2.5 pounds. Although, this is not the lightest option if you compare it to the other lightest football cleats on the market.

That said, the footwear does not weigh you down which is a big plus to have.

So, if you want us to rate this shoe for weight, we would like to give it 3/5

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Pros and Cons : Nike Vapor Speed 2 TD Cleats:

  • Great Design.High quality.Solid construction.
  • The 13-cleat configuration offers control.
  • Great grip and multidirectional movement.
  • The lacing system offers a snug fit.
  • Thin tongue makes it comfy to wear.
  • Flywire cables offers great support.
  • Weighs pretty light.
  • Flexible and easy adjustability.
  • The padding might feel uncomfortable.
  • Ventilation is poor.
  • Might feel tight.
  • Takes time to break them in.

Frequently Asked Questions :

How much does the cleat weigh?
The cleat comes in around 2.5 pounds. It is fairly light footwear to put on.

How is the traction?
The Nike Vapor Speed 2 TD features a TPU speed plate that comprises blades and studs to not only offer great traction but also provides quick reaction. So, you will find it grippy while moving with the cleat.

What is Flywire?
Flywire is one of Nike’s revolutionary technologies that help offer great support. It is designed with high strength threads known as flywire cables wrap that function similar to suspension bridge cables to provide support.

Can women use this cleat?
This Nike Vapor Speed 2 TD comes in size 15 which is meant for men only. So, females will not be able to use it since it might not fit their feet.

Nike Vapor Speed 2 TD Cleats: A Video Review

Conclusion : Nike Vapor Speed 2 TD

The Nike Vapor Speed 2 TD is able to be the best in the field of traction and torque since both are brought together with their revolutionary technology which is known as Flywire cable. Such tech further helps offer support that will surely need during the play to give the best performance. Starting from its traction to its comfort, snug fit, and flexibility, the cleat is outstanding overall. Although some of you might feel a little hot wearing the pair, that is manageable. 

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