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Nike Pitch Premier League Soccer Ball! [A Detail Review].

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Every player wants nothing but a ball, a field and somebody to embarrass right on the match. And if you think you own the latter two but not the ball, then there is one by Nike that you can have. And that is Nike pitch premier league soccer ball which happens to be a very great ball in the market.

Right from its bounciness, lightness to its durability and structure, the ball has everything. And if you think you are yet to know about its existence, then let us help you out by highlighting all the features that the ball comes with.

Various Designs and Styles:

Features of Nike Pitch Premier League Soccer Ball:


The Nike pitch premier league soccer ball has been made up of a combination of 60% Rubber, 15% Polyurethane, 13% Polyester and 12% EVA. It seems like the brand has chosen the materials carefully for which the ball feels pretty light.

Another great point is that you can use it in wet condition since the synthetic leather prevents to absorb water that could have made the ball heavier.

Although, some users have found a hole in their ball when they got in hand but that does not mean all of their balls will have that in it. You can opt for a replacement if you find one anyway.

Nike Premier League Pitch Soccer Ball
  • Rubber bladder helps maintain air pressure and shape
  • High-contrast graphics are easy to see
  • 12-panel design

Cover Panel:

The ball cover has been machine-stitched with TPU casing so you can play with it consistently. As for the panel, basically, it refers to the different segments that construct the outer covering of the ball. The pitch premier league comes with a modern 32-panel design which is complemented with a 6-wing latex panel cover to offer sturdiness. Speaking of panel, the 32-panel design comprises of 20 hexagonal and 12 pentagonal segments that are ideal to be used at a pro-level match. So, this is enough to at least lure you to grab the ball.

Not only does it create a different pattern but it also offers an extra knuckling and curvature that you might not find in other balls in the same price range. Besides, you will find such design amazing for delivering great performance.

Nike Pl Ptch Round Ball
  • 32-panel construction for durability Machine-stitched...


The ball comes with a reinforced rubber bladder that helps hold the air fairly.  So, you have the softest feel and responsiveness to this soccer ball. Although their micropores let the air escape slowly but their weak spot still remains the same.

We are basically talking about its air retention after you inflate the ball, it is likely to hold the air for lesser time. So, you might find yourself re-inflating the ball almost every other week.

Speaking more of its downside, the ball basically comes flat. So, if you don’t have a pump to inflate it then you might need to purchase one separately.

That said, the rubber bladder feels perfect since it offers proper bounce making it very ideal for the league.

Nike Unisex-Adult Nike Pitch Soccer Ball SC3807...
  • Soccer ball
  • Resistant material
  • High visibility in the field


You will find multiple layers of linings on the ball that have been placed just in between the bladder and cover. They are basically made up of polyester material. It does not only provide structure and strength to the ball but also gives a bounce to it.

The best part is that these lining also helps enable the Nike pitch premier league soccer ball to retain its shape after it gets a hard hit.


This ball comes with a high-contrast graphic that helps a lot in making it visible enough for easy tracking during any match or practice. The combination of light blue with a dark blue outline makes the ball soothing in our eyes. You will also find a premier league logo at the center with a big Nike logo on the ball that boasts about the brand.

Pros and Cons : Nike Pitch Premier League Soccer Ball

  • Weighs light with just one ounce.
  • A combination of the material makes the ball durable.
  • Machine-stitched with TPU casing for consistent play.
  • 32-panel design for offering performance and durability.
  • Bladder lets the air escape slowly.
  • The lining helps retain the shape of the ball.
  • Graphic makes it very visible.
  • It comes in a soothing blue color.
  • Able to ensure all-weather conditions.
  • Great for practice.
  • The lightness of the ball might give you inconvenience.
  • Not able to hold air for a longer period.
  • The ball comes flat, so you will need a pump to blow it up.
  • Some of the balls can have a hole in it.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How heavy is the size 5? And what is the ideal size for adult players?
The size 5 of the Nike pitch premier league soccer ball comes in 1 ounce. So, it is very light. For adult players, the ideal one is definitely size 5.

Does it come pumped up? And how frequently do you need to re-inflate Nike Pitch Premier League Soccer Ball?
No, it does not come pumped up but deflated. So, you will need a pump to blow the ball up. However, the ball comes with a reinforced rubber bladder that helps let the air escape pretty slowly. Yet, you will still need to re-inflate in once in a week at least.

Is the ball hard? And does it have grip?
No, the ball is not that much hard but that still depends on air pressure. As for this grip, the ball does not have one.

What are the materials of the ball?
The ball has been made up with 60% Rubber, 15% Polyurethane, 13% Polyester and 12% EVA.

Has the ball been hand-stitched or machine stitched?
The Nike pitch premier league soccer ball has been machine-stitched with TPU casing that offers consistent playing experience.

Conclusion: Nike Pitch Premier League Soccer Ball

The combination of deep and light blue makes the soccer ball super soothing and visible. If you are into the premier league and wish to excel in the field of soccer, then you can think of buying the ball from Nike. Although it fails to retain the air for a longer time, until it loses air, you will love using the ball for its bounciness and durability. You also have other options to choose from Nike’s vast collection.

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