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Nike Phantom Soccer Cleats! [A Handy Review]

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Want to dribble like a Pro? Then you will definitely need thisNike phantom soccer cleats that offer almost all the features you wish for. This is a very new version of Phantom Vision that got released last year somewhere in mid-July. Looking at its design, you will realize that the brand has tried every possible to perfect the soccer shoes with comfort, flexibility, traction, cushioning, support, responsiveness and look.

One of the most highlighting ones
that will surely grab your attention is its hidden lacing system which Nike
calls it Ghost laces making you question if the boot has laces or not.

If you are curious as well to know the answer, then why not explore the whole boot that comes with cleats to shine on the match!

nike phantom soccer cleats

Various Designs and Styles:

Features of Nike Phantom Soccer Cleats:


The Pro’s upper connects to the liner on the inner part of the footwear close to the toe box region. The toe box is absolutely free of the inner mesh lining material which makes the footwear quite different. The Pro comes with a two-layered upper where the inner layer works to deliver a snug fit and the outer one helps in offering comfort. You will find a padded mesh liner on the lace cover part of the upper as well as inside the boots that give a cool structure to their design. So, you can expect some good breathability from the boot to make your feet feel dry and cool. You will also have a mesh-like NikeSkin upper on top that does not only feel soft but also makes the boot comfortable and light. The only lacking is that it does not come with QUADFIT system and Flyknit upper so it will not offer you the kind of responsiveness and lockdown that you want.


The Pro comes with a Ghost lacing system that simply refers to the laces being hidden just below the cover. It helps deliver you a clean control surface, noticeable striking zone as well as a smooth, buttery touch. You will find lace loops below the cover which connect the laces to the inner lining structure. These lace loops are basically small nylon straps that help offer you to attain a secure and snug fit. Not just that, the footwear also features Dynamic Fit Collar that allows both seamless and locked-in fit around your ankle. If you want a pair that comes with a better fitment with an essence of stability and flexibility, then Pro makes an ideal pair.

Nike Phantom Vsn 2 Elite Df Fg Mens Firm-Ground Soccer...
  • The Nike Phantom Vision 2 Elite Dynamic Fit FG brings a...
  • Conforming Comfort : Quad-Fit mesh hugs your foot...
  • Precise Touch : Targeted texture across the upper...


The soleplate of the Pro has been designed very differently compared to the other of Phantom Vision versions. The Hyper precision plate makes the traction very aggressive with hybrid studs so that the boot can deliver a great grip, particularly on firm surfaces. Talking about the surface, the boot will be a very bad choice if you use them on other terrains like artificial grass since it will make the boot clingy while reducing durability.

Nike Phantom Vision 2 Academy Dynamic Fit MG Soccer...
  • NIKESKIN overlay adds durability while maintaining a...
  • Targeted texture across the upper provides a precise...
  • Ghost Lace system provides a secure fit with a clean...

Color and Material:

Nike phantom soccer shoes come in classy black. Although some people found the color to get a little faded after a couple of use, that did not disappoint them. Coming in textured synthetic material, the footwear offers durability and accurate ball control. However, such material can collect some dirt but that is much lesser than other footwear which is great, however, if you clean it often then this should not be a problem.

Nike Phantom Vision Pro Dynamic Fit Firm-Ground Soccer...
  • The Nike Phantom Vision Pro Dynamic Fit FG brings the...
  • Internal bootie conforms to your foot. / Ghost Lace...
  • Mesh outer layer with textured NIKESKIN technology...


As it has been stated that the Pro has just the right amount of padding that cushions your feet greatly. Although, the Pro feature Low-profile cushioning but you will find it ample. It does not only feet soft and comfortable, but also offers flexibility and support on foot. Like they say, that the inner bootie will just be there to hug your foot and give a comfortable feel.

Pros and Cons : Nike Phantom Soccer Cleats

  • Inner layers offer a snug fit.
  • Outer layer offers comfort.
  • Padding provides cushioning and soft feel.
  • Mesh part makes the boot breathable.
  • Ghost lacing system hides the laces giving the boot a different look.
  • Does not take time to break-in.
  • Grips firm to the firm ground. Offers precise ball control.
  • Weighs light and balanced. Durable and solid feel. The look is great.
  • Color might look faded after a couple of use.
  • Lacks Quadfit system and Flyknit upper, so might not offer sufficient responsiveness.
  • Not ideal for different surfaces. Might collect some dirt.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the function of ghost lacing system?
Answer: Ghost lacing system is a system where the mesh upper on the boot covers the laces making them hidden from being visible.

Does it weigh light?
Answer: The Adidas Tango shoes come in around 10.1 ounces. So, the pair does weigh light and will not bring you down.

How can it help you perform?
Answer: The Nike Phantom soccer cleats come with a clean control surface and striking zone provided by the Ghost lacing system. So, with this, you can dribble and strike the ball effortlessly and smoothly.

Does the boot have QUADFIT system?
Answer: No, Nike Phantom soccer cleats do not come with QUADFIT system.

Is the pair available in size 8?
The Nike Phantom soccer cleats are available in sizes 7.5 to 12. So, you will find size 8 in the range.

Nike Phantom Soccer Cleats : A Video Review

Conclusion: Nike Phantom Soccer Cleats

So, that’s Nike Phantom soccer cleats for you. With the Pro version, the brand has tried to give all of you something different. It does not only provide solidity and better fitment but also offers comfort and traction. The Pro is able to be a pair that does not sacrifice on its performance and quality. Despite a few drawbacks, it still manages to be on the top which makes the pair great. So, if you want one to deliver a bite when you need, this one is just for you.

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