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Nike’s premier professional league balls have been the official match ball for the Premier League for quite a few consecutive years now. Their Ordem 2 was the official match ball in 2014 to 2015 so we’re hoping Nike Ordem 4 follows suit.

The  Nike Ordem 4 deems itself to be a great gift for any aspiring soccer player or soccer fan. They will gladly squeal with joy at the great design, premium architecture and solid engineering that comes with this ornament of athletic glory. Yes, they are a bit on the pricey side but that’s what you’d expect with a piece of athletic history. So let’s delve into specifics and see if this is what you want for sure!

Features of Nike Ordem 4 Soccer Ball:

The Nike Ordem 4 Soccer Ball has a few fundamental qualities that make it a no brainer choice. These include:

  • FIFA  certified for professionals
  • Its geometric precise progression allows for an accurate strike
  • Fuse welded synthetic leather allows for maximum sensitivity
  • Nike’s own aerowtrac tech grooves allow for secure landing
  • Visual power 3D graphics allows for easy spotting


The Nike Ordem 4 is professionally FIFA certified, thus meeting every one of those precise FIFA regulations so you can have the full and authentic experience with every play. These also mean that these are best quality and the highest standard of ball for match and friendly play. There are grueling tests based on shape, air, tension, retention, performance, water absorption and flight.

Just as an example, the weight of all match balls to be approved has to be between 420 to 445 grams. That’s a very small range for errors. The Ordem 4 passes such rigorous testing with flying colors so you know you are getting an elite and premium product!

Another facet to watch out for is Nike’s fuse tech. This is a well designed and well engineered system that allows for a high sensitive feel and rapid response at the onset of a kick. It does this by 12 fuse-welded panels in a three-layer casing system, and a poly-blend wrapped with a free-floating carbon latex bladder. This is a welcome deviation from the usual 32 or 18 panel standard for most FIFA approved match balls. This offers a cleaner more sophisticated stylish look – my personal favorite.

Nike aerowtrac tech also does wonders for the balls flights and landing points. The grooves are embedded into the hard outer casing that allows for added stability by ensuring a steady fixed airflow that causes a safe, secure and smooth flight way. This technology has newly been updated and the Ordem 4 is the first of its line to use this simple yet effective engineering feat.

If you look at the Nike Ordem 4, one distinct feature will smack you right in the face. The beautiful three dimensional graphics of the ball. Nike designed the ball to be as eye catching, colorful and as graphic as possible so that it can be spotted easily during flight from far off distances. It looks like a rare Pokémon in the wind with its visual power graphic flickers that make it clearly visible during motion. The graphics and art is also created with a special ink that increases the texture of the ball thus allowing better grip and stability. This also helps to make rapid pace decisions during play and immediate responses during play.

They also come in a range of sizes from 1 to 5. I think most players will find the bigger 4 or 5s a better fit than those in the lower range. As well as that they come in a variety of colors and patterns so pick and choose to your heart’s artistic content!


As far as quality goes there is nothing wrong with the ball as much as its fakes. There are a lot of fakes on the market for premium FIFA approved soccer balls such as these so be sure to check for reviews and a verified seller before purchase.

For certain players, the ball may seem a tad heavy but I think most skilled players will be happy at the sturdy weight of the ball that guarantees solid quality rather than flimsy ease.

Another note would be to check for air retention. As you see FIFA certified balls need to hold air in very well. Their retention is superb. Therefore if you find your ball is losing air too rapidly, it may be a fake so watch out for that.

As you can see, the Nike Ordem 4’s quality is perfection, just be careful of where you get it.  Check for the FIFA certification stamp and the Premier League stamp and you should be golden!

Let’s enjoy a video review of Nike Ordem 4 Premier League Soccer Ball

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is this an indoor or outdoor ball?
Answer: An outdoor ball but can be used for indoor play as well.

Question: Does it meet professional specs?
Answer: Yes! It meets all the professional specifications as required by FIFA rules.

Question: Will my son/daughter/soccer fan love it?
Answer: Yes, guaranteed, if he or she has good taste!



The Nike Ordem 4 Premier league match ball is beautiful and great quality. Infarct, superb quality. Whether you use it for play or just in the collection, it is a beautiful piece to have or gift that guarantees return in the form of happiness!

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