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Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats! [Top 12] Reviewed

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Have a nagging injury that keeps on haunting you as you play? Or maybe your soccer shoes are too uncomfortable that it’s not helping you perform day in and day out. There are a few ways to remedy this but wearing some of the best insoles for soccer cleats should be on top of your list.

These insoles for soccer cleats should help you perform better, be more comfortable, and most of all, prevent a few injuries along the way. Soccer can be an overly demanding sport physically especially since you utilize your legs and feet for most of the game. So, you should also focus on your legs and foot and support them as much as you can. Let’s go check these products out!

best insoles for soccer cleats

Review on 12 Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats

1. Superfeet Carbon, Thin, and Strong Insoles

Superfeet Unisex-Adult Carbon Pain Relief Strong and...
  • FIT PROFILE: Low profile/Low volume insoles; Volume...
  • CARBON FIBER STABILIZER CAP: The stabilizer cap of...
  • LOW-PROFILE DESIGN: These Superfeet sole inserts are...

Let’s start our best insoles for soccer cleats review with the versatile Superfeet Carbon Insoles. These pair of insoles are designed to thin but strong and they are perfect for any tight casual shoes and of course, for athletic shoes.

This is a lightweight and high-density foam that provides long last support. It’s got a durable and closed-cell foam to keep any tight-fitting footwear for sports quite comfortable. This insole’s durable construction makes sure that it keeps its shape. This, in turn, delivers reliable support for up to 500 miles or a whopping 12 months.

It’s got a stabilizer cap that’s made of carbon fiber. This provides stability to the foam layer and together with the EVOLyte reinforcement should provide structure for your foot too with a proprietary polymer to boot.

It’s also low-profile and quite thin so it won’t compromise comfort in any way. It’s got perforated foam for breathability, accommodates a wider forefoot, beveled edge, heel cup, and an odor control coating to keep you clean at all times. Quite some features for our first entry, huh?

Pros and Cons

  • Great fit and low-profile design.
  • Comfortable yet durable construction.
  • Breathable and sanitary.
  • Provides great support and very stable.
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Not quite a good fit if you have low-arch feet.

2. Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts

Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with...
  • ARCH SUPPORT: The Physix Gear Sport high arch support...
  • SUPERIOR MATERIAL: Crafted from high-quality and...
  • ROBUST FUNCTIONALITY:  Perfect for rock climbing, ball...

Feel relief and comfort as you literally step into the Physix Gear Sport Full-Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support. This is one of the best inserts for foot pain and a variety of injuries that may hamper your performance.

The arch support provided by this insole is designed for robust functions. It will provide balance as well as force structure for the foot especially those with flat ones. And also for those suffering from runner’s knee, Achilles tendonitis, and shin splints.

Physix inserts can effectively metatarsal arch, heel pain, correct walking patterns, and even pain in the ball of the foot. The insets are also made from high-quality material. That’s medical-grade and durable dual-layered EVA foam substances plus PU material and it’s not an exaggeration if we say that it will feel like walking in the clouds.

The robust functionality is backed up by a non-slip ergonomic design. It is meticulously designed to provide comfort and reduce pain. That and a bunch of injuries that it can help alleviate.

Pros and Cons

  • Medical-grade and versatile.
  • Can help prevent or provide relief for a bunch of lower leg injuries.
  • Comfortable and fit perfectly.
  • Durable and has a lot of functions.
  • Great arch-support.
  • Super popular product.
  • Does not work quite as well for those with narrow feet.

3. Currex CLEATPRO Dynamic Insole

currex CLEATPRO - Quick Stops, Tight Turns, More...
  • COMFORT: Significantly improves foot comfort over shoes...
  • INJURY PREVENTION: Designed to reduce foot pressure &...
  • ANTISLIP: Groundbreaking NEO TOUCH grip technology...

Next up is the comfortable Currex CLEATPRO Dynamic Insole. If you start wearing this insert, the first thing that you will significantly notice is how comfortable it is. But it’s not all comfort for this insole is also designed to prevent a variety of injuries as well.

This insole for soccer cleats is specially designed to reduce any foot pressure as well as fatigue to lower the risk of any injury and to improve your performance on the field as well. This creates a domino effect and should effectively reduce any joint-related stress, or your ligaments, and tendons which is a primary cause of a lot of injuries related to the foot, knees, or hips.

The Currex CLEATPRO Dynamic Insole is infused with a NEO TOUCH grip that’s anti-slip and supposed to keep your feet in place. It will fill any void between your foot and your shoe liner for full-contact feel and increased stability.

You’ll have a few designs to choose from to accommodate your foot size or shape too!

Pros and Cons

  • Superbly comfortable.
  • Your foot stays in place at all times.
  • Low-profile.
  • Effectively reduces the risk of injuries.
  • Customized sizing.
  • Durability may be suspect.

4. Sof Sole Insoles Men’s AIRR

Sof Sole Men's Airr Insole, Black, 7-8.5
  • Sof Sole insoles with Skydex air bubbles in the heel...
  • Gel in forefoot provides maximum cushioning
  • COOLMAX fabric top cover wicks away moisture so feet...

The next entry on our best insoles for soccer cleats review is the Sof Sole Insoles Men’s AIRR. This insert is a full-length gel shoe to improve your overall performance.

This insole for soccer cleats is made out of 100% Coolmax fabric. It’s got a polyurethane sole and is infused with Skydex air bubbles right at the heel as well as an arch that effectively absorbs impact which is a lot if you play soccer.

And if you’re worried about cushioning then the gel right at the forefoot should keep you comfortable. The Coolmax fabric is also designed to cover wicks from moisture so your feet will always be dry and feel cool.

This insole is perfect for athletic shoes especially those who are into running, cross-training, soccer, or even if you do usually take a walk or jog and have nagging foot pain. For best relief, go with Sof Sole Insoles Men’s AIRR.

Pros and Cons

  • Comfortable insert.
  • Will keep your foot dry and cool.
  • Smooth fabric and should cushion your foot nicely .
  • Specially made for athletes.
  • Absorbs impact quite effectively.
  • Sizing may be a bit off.

5. Superfeet GREEN Insoles

Superfeet unisex-adult GREEN Professional-Grade High...
  • FIT PROFILE: High profile/High volume insoles; Volume...
  • STABILIZER CAP: Acts as the base of the orthotic shoe...
  • DEEP HEEL CUP: These high arch support insoles feature...

The Superfeet GREEN Insoles are professional-grade inserts designed to give high-arch support or should we call them orthotic. Orthotics shoe inserts meant for maximum support for your feet.

Made with high-density foam, this insert is high-profile. That means that they are high-volume insoles. It will take a bit more space than the previous pair of insoles that we’ve reviewed but don’t worry, they are quite comfortable.

On the contrary, they will keep your foot secured in and tight. Its profile is designed to give your foot a certain shape and it’s a full-length type. You are also expected to trim it so it would fit your shoe and foot nicely.

It’s also designed with a stabilizer cap as the base of your orthotic inserts. It should support your rearfoot and provide structure as well as stability for the foam layer. The Superfeet GREEN Insoles is also designed with a deep heel cup perhaps deeper and wider than with most for that ultimate high-arch support.

This insert should properly stabilize and support your foot and reduce stress dealt by high-intensity sport like soccer. This support goes to your knees and ankles too. The durable construction is wrapped in a foam layer that’s enough to cushion your feet nicely.

Pros and Cons

  • Customizable fit.
  • Great high-arch support.
  • Pretty stable and long-term support.
  • Durable foam layer and well-constructed.
  • Meant for high-intensity activities.
  • Surprisingly does not work well with plantar fasciitis.

6. Dr. Scholl’s Sport Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s Sport Insoles Superior Shock Absorption...
  • Designed for people who participate in a range of...
  • Designed with massaging gel technology, which reduces...
  • Flexible Arch Shell provides excellent support,...

Get to know Dr. Scholl’s Sport Insoles that are specifically meant for athletes. These inserts are meant to absorb shock as well as reduce muscle fatigue for your feet, knees, and even lower back.

It is ruggedly constructed and is meant to take on the wear and tear from high-intensity sports. You need an insole to protect your feet from the impact as well as a force directed to your feet and Dr. Scholl’s Sport Insoles is tried and tested to deliver.

It’s got responsive cushioning with a massaging gel with advanced waves of multi-layer for all-day protection and comfort. The active perform technology gives a flexible arch shell for motion control with lateral stability to improve stopping and cutting ability.

This insert is just bouncier and softer and should alleviate any discomfort that you feel on your feet. It’s also quite easy to use and designed with the athlete’s sake in mind.

Pros and Cons

  • Provides support not just for your foot but knees and back too.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Comfortable and gives a nice structure to your feet.
  • Responsive and quite comfortable cushioning.
  • Stable and nice lateral support.
  • Can be quite hard for some people.

7. Superfeet FLEXthin Comfort Insoles

Superfeet unisex adult Flexthin Athletic Comfort Shoe...
  • Ventilated Forefoot: The breathable forefoot of these...
  • Aerospring Comfort Foam: 3mm thickness; the durable,...
  • Flexible Heel Cradle: These Superfeet insoles have a...

Our next entry is the third variety from the Superfeet brand attesting to their dominance and quality. We are talking about the Superfeet FLEXthin Comfort Insoles. Once again, it’s durably constructed so it’s meant to give you 500 miles of wear and tear or give it 12 months.

It’s infused with an aero spring comfort foam that is 3mm thick, durable, with a viscoelastic closed-cell layer of foam that absorbs impact effectively. The moisture wick technology is also quite effective in controlling odor.

It’s got a dynamic contoured shape for stability and support for your foot whilst reducing stress not just on your feet but also on ankles and knees. Your heels are also secured. This insert has a flexible heel cradle, a horseshoe-shaped cradle that is that also provides structure and stability for it all.

Lastly, this insole is quite breathable with improved circulation due to the ventilated forefoot and has a beveled foam edge that improves fit for tight-fitting footwear.

Pros and Cons

  • Keeps your feet dry and cool.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Great fit and gives way for your shape.
  • The breathable design does not wear your feet.
  • Absorbs impact effectively .
  • Mediocre arch support.

8. Sof Sole Insoles Men’s High Arch Insert

Sof Sole mens High Arch Performance Full-length Insole,...
  • Sof Sole insoles with enhanced arch height offer...
  • Targeted gel drop in the heel provides extra cushioning
  • Deep heel cup helps prevent heel slip keeps heels...

Next on our list is the Sof Sole Insoles Men’s High Arch Insert. It’s called the arch insole for it is designed for those who specifically have high-arches or for those looking for extra arch cushioning.

Maximum comfort will be felt because of targeted gel drops as well as deep heel cups to accommodate your foot properly. This Sof sole insert is infused with Hydologix which is topical moisture to keep your feet cool and dry for management treatment.

The superior cushioning we mentioned above is not just for high-arch support but also to prevent any slippage. So this insert should keep your foot in place no matter the movement that you make as you play.

This insole insert is also armed with Microban. This is an antibacterial embedded in its foam and will inhibit any growth of odor caused by bacteria. This is ideal for any high-intensity sport like soccer and even for casual wear.

Pros and Cons

  • Very comfortable.
  • Great cushioning and heel accommodation.
  • Versatile design.
  • Very stable and provides adequate support.
  • Keeps your foot dry, cool, and odor-free.
  • Some would think it’s super thin in a bad way.

9. Walk-Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles

Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics...
  • ★LASTING COMFORT - arch support improves foot and leg...
  • ★DEEP HEEL CUP- to maintain correct foot...
  • ★PREMIUM EVA MATERIAL - It is excellent for shock...

Moving on with our best insoles for soccer cleats review with the Walk-Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles. As the name implies, this insole insert is made for a lot of foot discomforts and injuries but most especially made for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. It’s designed for good support for the arch that will relieve flat feet and all sorts of foot pain.

Experience lasting comfort with this insert as it improves your foot and leg alignment, brings about comfort and eases stress as well as pain due to flat feet or pronation, bunions, arthritis, and even diabetes.

It’s got a deep heel cup to protect your heel from all sorts of impact which is a cause of a lot of foot injuries. The premium EVA material is also a component responsible for shock absorption as well as pain relief. This type of fabric also makes sure to keep your foot cool.

This insert is also designed for everyday use and is expected to take a beating and should be ultra-reliable.

Pros and Cons

  • Great heel support.
  • Comfortable material and quite breathable.
  • Durable construction.
  • Perfect for plantar fasciitis sufferers.
  • Truly shock absorbent.
  • There are a few complaints about it being painful to wear.

10.Sof Sole Men’s Airr Orthotic Support Insole

Sof Sole Men's AIRR Orthotic Support Full-Length...
  • Athletic orthotic insoles for low arches and flat feet;...
  • Reinforced nylon arch support plate enhances motion...
  • SKYDEX air bubbles in the heel and arch of the insert...

We’re nearing the end of our list but not without discussing the Sof Sole Men’s Airr Orthotic Support Full-Length Insole. The third entry on our list from this brand as well as a testament is its relevance in this industry.

This orthotic insole is designed for those with low arches as well as flat feet. It’s quite ideal for running, cross-training, and intense sports like soccer.

It’s got reinforced nylon for its arch support plate and this enhances motion control plus it promotes alignment. It’s got Skydex bubbles a signature component for the brand and its products found right at the heel and its arch built to absorb shock when you’re involved in high-impact activities like soccer.

It’s also made with the Coolmax fabric that covers it to wick away moisture to keep you cool and dry at all times. This, in turn, should also be an effective way to fight odor-causing germs and bacteria.

Pros and Cons

  • Great for people with low-arched feet.
  • A must for flat-footed individuals.
  • Great heel and arch feel.
  • Absorbs impact quite effectively.
  • Versatile a comfortable.
  • Can be too thick for some.

11. Powerstep Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles

Powerstep Unisex-Adult Original Insoles, Low Profile,...
  • Full length total support: powerstep’s original...
  • Moderate cushioning: original full-length shoe insoles...
  • Designed for comfort: The polyester top fabric keeps...

The penultimate entry on our list of the best insoles for soccer cleats is the Powerstep Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles. This is specially designed for the support of the arch of your feet, to relieve metatarsal as well as heel and arch pain.

This insert is made of 100% polyester that’s anti-microbial. It will give you total support at a full-length capacity. It’s got an encapsulated design with a firm but a flexible shell. The built-in arch support coupled with a deep heel cradle should provide adequate stability.

The support it provides though is quite versatile as it can accommodate low, neutral, and high arches. It’s got good cushioning too with dual-layers. That’s a combination of VCT or variable cushioning tech plus the durable EVA foam should provide targeted cushioning like no other.

It’s also quite comfortable with the polyester top fabric to keep you dry and cool amidst the friction and heat that go through when playing soccer. This insert is designed to alleviate foot pain and provide stability and support at all times.

Pros and Cons

  • Podiatrist recommended.
  • Full length but no trimming necessary.
  • Great targeted cushioning.
  • Very comfortable fabric.
  • Great heel accommodation.
  • Can be a bit large for some users.

12. Wernies Running Shoes Inserts Insole

Red Size 4 Running Shoe Insoles-Arch Replacement Sports...
  • ★ FUNCTIONAL INSERTS:Contoured neutral arch support...
  • ★ FOOT CARE: Reinforced arch support, deep heel cup...
  • ★ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of high-quality and...

The last entry on our list is the Wernies Running Shoe Inserts Insole which is built for a wide variety of athletic activities.

It’s got contoured and neutral arch support that makes it quite suitable for a lot of foot types. It should fit well in casual shoes, sneakers, and even boots. It’s great for preventing as well as alleviating arch and heel pain or injuries incurred in games or exercises.

It’s got reinforced support for your arch and a deep heel cup, plus an anti-slip layer that greatly increases support and gives comfort plus stability for the wearer. It also spreads the pressure on your feet to greatly reduce any stress that it should incur.

It’s made of medical-grade EVA as its foam base as well as gel pads for effective cushioning for all-day play. It can effectively absorb shock too to further reduce the strain on your feet. Satisfaction is guaranteed with the Wernies Running shoe Inserts.

Pros and Cons

  • Great arch support.
  • Stable and comfortable .
  • Durable with good quality material.
  • Provides great support.
  • Great cushioning system.
  • Not very wide enough for all shoe-types.

Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats – Buying Guide

We’re talking about a component that will support you as you play soccer so it must fit you accurately without compromising on comfort and reliability. Here are the aspects that you should watch out for should you buy your next insole for soccer cleats.

Foot Shape

Some insole inserts will accommodate any foot shape but there are some that won’t. So choose wisely which one will you be most comfortable with. Do you have a foot that requires to be guided by these inserts and give it structure? Or you want something that would have an exact fit?

These are the questions that you need to consider.


Materials determine the feel and durability of an insole insert. You should choose which material is that you are most comfortable with. Need it to be extra soft? Need it to be breathable? Or maybe your priority is durability because you use it for high-intensity sports?

Adequate Cushioning

Proper cushioning or should we say adequate cushioning is essential to give your feet comfort and support especially if you play soccer and intend to alleviate either pain or discomfort. This is mostly needed when it comes to taking care of an injury while playing or prevent such from happening.

Cushioning should not be all over the place and should be targeted depending on the needs of your foot.

Odor proof

Your insert mustn’t smell. If it smells, that means that it’s infected with bacteria and you don’t want that at all. An insole insert should keep your foot and shoe smelling good so the insert itself can serve you for a long while.

Arch Support 

One of the most important aspects of an insole for soccer cleats is arch support. Do you need low, neutral, or high support? Choose the right size insole for you so it would provide you good support when you are nursing an injury, preventing one, or don’t want to re-aggravate one.

Consider space inside cleats

You need your foot to be stable inside your shoe but you don’t want to restrict its movement entirely. So consider the space that an insole allows as you wear it. It should allow breathability but at the same time grip it nicely with any anti-slip technology to keep it in place.


Sometimes, affordability does not mean that you don’t buy something expensive upfront. There are premium insoles that come at a price but are cost-effective in the long run. That’s why you need to choose durable ones for you to get great value out of your money.

Trim to fit

Most of the time, you are going to have to trim insoles for it to fit. This is especially true with full-length ones. This, in turn, should give you an accurate customized fit tailored for your foot’s shape and size.


As mentioned, you need an insole that will hold on to your foot nicely but give it room for movement. Too much grip or too tight ones can also lead to injuries and can be counter-productive. Wear an insole with just enough grip and won’t dislodge your foot anytime.


Durability means everything for a lot of products and most especially for these insole inserts. When it’s durable, you’ll get the most out of your money, and that means the product you chose is built with all the right materials meant to not only take on the wear and tear of soccer but at the same time give your foot the support it needs.


Durability and comfort should go hand in hand. And for an insole insert to be comfortable it should be breathable. Inserts come lightweight and either low-profile or thick so choose which ones fit your foot ad playing style best.

Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats – Benefits

These insoles for soccer cleats aren’t just for style or comfort. You wear them to significantly upgrade your game, performance, and of course, protect yourself from any untoward injury. Here are a few of its benefits.

Prevents Injury

Perhaps what insole for soccer cleats are mostly designed for and utilized. Preventing all sorts of injuries is what it’s meant for. From excruciating plantar fasciitis to foot pain, or even discomfort. They medical-grade and meant for athletes and intense activities so look into one should you be concerned about any foot injury.

Relieves Pain

These insoles also help relieve pain or if you are rehabilitating an injury. With good cushioning, support, and stability you help your foot heal and at the same time keep it from moving that in such a way aggravating any existing injury alleviating pain in the process.

Enhance performance

Of course, insole inserts are used to improve one’s game. You’ll feel more comfortable wearing them and at the same time be more confident and feel good about your foot. This would then improve your game and performance.

Provides extra comforts

Should you choose the right insole in terms of size, shape, structure, and cushioning then you’d definitely add that layer of comfort inside your shoe. Whether you are playing a sport or just casually taking a stroll you eliminate unnecessary stress from your foot and these inserts help absorb any impact.

Protect from blisters and bacteria

These insoles for soccer cleats fight bad odor and in the process stops the spread of bacteria. Blisters can also cause moisture and when there’s moisture, bacteria can grow and so these insoles are quite effective at stopping both.

Gel Insoles vs Memory Foam Insoles – Which is better?

Gel insoles or memory foam insoles? Which one is better and which one suits your best? Let’s find out!

Gel Insoles

The more popular type of insole, this one is known for its shock absorption. This is especially popular for people involved in constant high-intensity activities. And it distributes the weight of your feet to your shoes quite nicely too.

They are quite durable as well but it won’t in any way change its form according to your foot shape which can cause a bit of strain in the long run.

Memory Foam Insoles

As the name implies, memory foam insoles will take the shape of your feet and the real good ones retain that shape to accommodate your feet at all times. They are lightweight and quite thin but provides an adequate amount of cushioning.

It’s quite stable and will provide adequate support on the right spots which are its main strength.

Plantar Fasciitis? How to choose the Best Insoles?

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean smelly insoles?
You may use the versatile baking soda to help prevent odor and bacteria. Just take 1 to 2 teaspoons of your baking soda and put it inside a large plastic bag. Put your insoles inside the bag and shake it well so it will get all over your insoles. This should eliminate smell effectively.

Can I use any type of insoles for my cleats?
Yes, you may but you need to make sure that it fits your foot rather well. Fit is important, cushioning next, and durability of the material after. You don’t base it on your cleat you base your choice of insoles on the requirements of your foot.

Are insoles for cleats worth it?
Yes, they are well worth the investment as they help reduce the risk of any injury. Plus, they help alleviate any foot pain or discomfort and should help you heal an injury even.

Conclusion: Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats

These best insoles for soccer cleats offer a wide range of benefits for you and will significantly improve your game. Whether it’s improving your biomechanics, uplifting your endurance, or athletic ability. These products are a must and should be a top priority.

Soccer can get intense and will take a lot out of you, so you must always be sure to be on top of your game. Aside from countless hours of training, you need to be sure that you get the most out of the tools at your disposal.

We can never take our health for granted and in sports, injuries can be devastating and even career-ending. So review our list and see which product suits you and your playing style best. And grab an insole for soccer cleats now!

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