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Best Goalkeeper Gloves! [Top 10 Reviewed].

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The idea is not to block every shot you get from your opponent but to make him believe that you might block every one of his shots and without an ideal pair of gloves, blocking and clearance can be difficult.

So, if you want a pair that will provide excellent grip and help grasp the ball the moment it touches the gloves, then you will need to know the best goalkeeper gloves that are dominating the market.

If you have the least idea regarding the best goalie gloves, then we would like to invite you to go through the write. You will find 10 best goalie gloves with both the bright and dark sides.

best goalkeeper gloves

Top 10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves Review :

1. Renegade GK Triton – Best Professional Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves:

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Want to win the game with the best goalkeeper gloves? Then you can try this Triton series Gloves by Renegade.

The gloves have used 4MM latex for backhand and German Supergrip 3+3MM for palm to make it more grippy. So, if grip is your priority, this is meant for you.

Not just that, the materials also help offer impact protection that all the goalies wish for. However, the neoprene on the palms might start to get peeled for frequent use since many of the users griped about that.

That said, these high quality gloves are able to perform great as you will find it extremely responsive and easy to control during contact.

Speaking more of the material, these soccer goalie gloves come with rubber pull tabs and nylon strap puller that ensure their durability without lessening its comfort.

As for comfort, they have a Hybrid cut style. So, these gloves will be there to provide flexibility in your fingers so that you can move your fingers smoothly. Moreover, you will also love their nylon strap puller that makes the gloves very easy to wear.

If you love finger saves, you will get it with their removable Endo-Tek Pro. And since it’s removable, you can take them out and place them depending on your preference. So, the gloves have much more convenience to offer.

Besides, the gloves also feature 180° thumb wrap to make sure they give provide a better surface contact with the ball no matter what the grip pattern is. Meanwhile, you will get 360° two-point straps to warrant you maximum protection while the PU thumb V-notch works to offer better grip and control. 

However, some of the users still felt the insufficiency of protection. Other than that, the gloves make an ideal pick.

Pros and Cons of GK Triton Goalie Gloves:

  • Great design.
  • It offers great breathability.
  • It provides maximum impact protection.
  • It provides supergrip and ball control.
  • Delivers great surface contact with the ball.
  • Nylon strap puller is flexible to wear.
  • Finger saves are removable to make it flexible.
  • Extremely responsive and easy to control.
  • Should have more protection.
  • Frequent use might make it less durable.

2. Renegade GK Vulcan – Best Functional Goalkeeper Gloves:

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Who said that Triton series only have the quality gloves? You should try this Vulcan series gloves as well that also offer the same performance as the previous one.

They have been designed to balance the factors of durability and performance. Although, you might raise some questions on its durability since the material on the palm area gets peeled quickly. But functioning wise, it’s a great pair.

The gloves feature 4+2MM Latex for backhand while there are Supergrip 3+3MM palms that have been stated to be wear-resistant. You might experience the opposite though, yet you will find them great for providing grip and ball control.

Out of the three cut style, the flat cut has a box cut look with mesh fabric between the fingers. Speaking of its breathability, the brand has used 3D Super Mesh on the body that makes the gloves sweat-free so you can find your hands dry and cool for a longer time.

Besides, you will also get custom removable fingersaves like the previous one so you can enjoy maximum flexibility and convenience from the Vulcan Goalie gloves.

Moreover, the pair also has 180° thumb wrap that ensures super surface contact with the ball while 360° Dura-Tek straps help you offer wrist support and keep thumb safe.

You will find many of the similarities between this and the previous product in terms of its features so it can be stated that you will love to use the product just for its performance.

There is one downside which has also disappointed the users and that is the quality of the Velcro straps making them rip away from the gloves easily.

Pros and Cons of GK Vulcan Goalie Gloves:

  • The look is great.
  • Offers maximum impact protection.
  • It provides great grip and ball control.
  • Delivers great surface contact with the ball.
  • It provides great breathability.
  • Extremely responsive and easy to control.
  • Fingersaves are removable to make it flexible.
  • Might get peeled soon.
  • Velcro straps are prone to wear out.

3. Renegade GK Vortex – Best Secured Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves:

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When it comes to extremely breathable gloves, the Vortex series by Renegade should pop up in your mind.

Coming with 6D Super Mesh material, the gloves are able to offer superb breathability to make your hands stay cool and dry for a longer time.

As for its material, while the backhand has been engineered with Dura-Tek 4+2MM Latex to provide added control and responsiveness, the palm designed with German Supergrip 3.5+3MM Latex is there to offer shock absorption and grip.

To add more, the Vortex  Soccer Goalie Gloves also feature 360° two-point broad straps made with Dura-Tek 4MM Latex that aid in providing comfort plus security.

Just like the other two, the series also got negative remarks for wearing out too quickly, but users loved its performance.

The Vortex also comes with 180° thumb wraps so it can enable nonstop surface contact with the ball in a variety of grip patterns. Not only that, its V-notch at thumb is also there to help in offering flexibility. You will also love how this feature also works on lessening irritation that you could have got from seam abrasion with your skin.

Besides, you will find rubber pull tabs that have been designed so you can pull the gloves on and off easily as well as adjust it for your convenience.

It also features 8CM neoprene bandage that provides great wrist comfort plus security that is there as well to add more convenience.

Although you won’t get any fingersave from this series with the gloves, you can purchase it separately.

Pros and Cons of GK Vortex Goalie Gloves:

  • Extremely breathable making your hands stay cool and dry.
  • The performance is impressive.
  • Offers control and responsiveness.
  • Provides shock absorption and grip.
  • It offers comfort and convenience.
  • Flexibility is great.
  • Easy adjustment and closure.Great design.
  • Do not come with finger saves.
  • Latex might deteriorate soon.

4. Renegade GK Fury – Best Flexible Gloves:

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The Fury series is basically known for its grip, so trying a pair from this series by the Renegade won’t be a bad idea.

As for the Fury, its palm is designed with German Giga Grip 3.5+3MM Latex so it can give you an amazing grip. Although there is a little chance of losing durability but you will get to enjoy its impact absorption greatly. Moreover, its backhand has used Dura-Tek 4+2MM Latex which helps offer enhanced control and responsiveness, and you can guess that yourself.

You will get removable Endo-Tek Pro finger saves with this goalkeeper glove so you can use it or take it off as per your preference. As a result, it will provide you maximum safety and protection to increase your flexibility. Besides, they have this zipper for easy access as well.

Just like its other series, the Fury also features 180° thumb wraps, thumb V-Notch as well as Dura-Tek 4MM Latex Straps and their functions have already been mentioned.

Besides, the gloves also come with Nylon Strap Puller plus Rubber Pull Tabs for extra flexibility and adjustment. However, one downside about the pull on strap is that it is prone to get wear out quick which left many users disappointed.

Nonetheless, you will love its elastic wrist slit that aids a lot in enhancing breathability. Speaking of its breathability, the Fury has used 6D Super Mesh to allow airflow. However, some of the people still felt that the gloves made their hands feel hot. So, you can say that the ventilation might be poor.

That said, this series still impress us all for its lightweight, flexible and form-fitting making it the best gloves for players. But if you plan to buy this series, it’s better that you grab one size bigger since they run small and aren’t true to their size.

Pros and Cons Of GK Fury Goalie Gloves:

  • Great grip.
  • The look is great.
  • It offers enough flexibility.
  • It provides great impact absorption.
  • The performance is impressive.
  • Provides enough comfort and convenience.
  • Easy adjustment and closure.
  • Flexibility is great.
  • Offers control and responsiveness.
  • It might not last long.
  • Pull-on strap might deteriorate quickly.
  • Breathability is poor.

5. Adidas Performance ACE – Best Training Gloves:

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If you want to grab the best goalie gloves by another brand, Adidas (the elite manufacturer) is worth a try, especially their Performance ACE one.

To speak of the best features, we would say its comfort. The palms feel super soft thanks to the cushioning system. Its padded palm helps you get a lot of cushioning during impact which is great for goalkeepers.

For their construction, the brand has used a nice blend of Polyester and Polyurethane making them the most durable glove to deal with.

Adidas has also incorporated Fingersave technology into the gloves so that it can offer support, maximum protection, and comfort while you catch, hold and throw the ball.

You will also find elastic bandage with this Adidas goalkeeper gloves that help offer snug fit as well as a wrist support.

Moreover, the pair is stated to have a great grip overall with more factors like softness plus endurance. Speaking of endurance, we can say that Performance ACE is able to withstand all kinds of weather that makes it a perfect pair.

Besides, the gloves come in Negative Cut style so that you can feel the snug fit after wearing them.

However, the size can still be a little issue since the gloves can feel tight at first, but after breaking them in, you will love it.

You can also opt for getting the right size by measuring the width of your palm part beneath the knuckles without the thumb. This will help you avoid the break-in time.

One problem found regarding the gloves is that they might catch the dirt easily that makes them dirty. And this can push you to clean the gloves quite frequently which you can hate.

Another little issue is its breathability. The whole fabric doesn’t have holes making the airflow poor. So, there is a chance that your hands might feel hot wearing it.

Having said that, the Performance ACE Adidas gloves are able to impress goalies for its durability, protection, and comfort.

Pros and Cons of Adidas Performance ACE Gloves:

  • Lasts longer than many gloves.
  • Great performance.
  • It offers superb control.
  • Able to withstand all kinds of weather.
  • Padded palm feels soft which helps offer great cushioning.
  • It provides flexibility and convenience.
  • It offers great support.
  • Elastic bandage provides a snug fit.
  • It does not offer sufficient breathability.
  • Takes time to break them in.
  • Prone to collect dirt easily, so needs frequent cleanup.

6. Renegade GK Talon – Best Budget Gloves:

No products found.

So, out of Renegade’s five series, Talon is basically the last one that also deserves your attention equally.

The gloves of this series will get you Endo-Tek Pro Finger saves that will give you all the safety and maximum protection you want. Note that, you might not find a finger saver for the thumb since many users complained about it. However, they are removable so you can use them or take them out as per your wish.

Their backhand comes in Dura-Tek 4+2MM Latex to make them both responsive and easy to control while you grab the ball. And when it comes to their palm, it comes in German Hyper Grip 3.5+3MM Latex that will make you love their great impact absorption.

Although, the series lacked performance in their durability and grip since they wear out quickly and feel a little slippery while catching the ball. But they can be one of the best training soccer goalkeeper gloves in your practice sessions to improve yourself.

The Talon features 3D Airmesh Body that makes it ideal to be very breathable and great for all kinds of weather.

Moreover, the gloves come with Nylon Strap Puller and Rubber Pull Tabs as well to give you extra flexibility and adjustment.

Other features like 180° thumb wraps have been equipped to offer nonstop surface contact with the ball. Meanwhile, the V-notch at thumb helps a lot in providing flexibility and preventing irritation. The gloves will give you rubber pull tabs so that you can put on and off the gloves easily. Plus, its 8CM neoprene bandage will also be there to offer wrist support and security for your convenience.

In addition to these, Talon also comes with 360° two-point broad straps made with Dura-Tek 4MM Latex so that it can provide a fine combination of comfort and security. It proves itself to be one of the best pair under $100.

Pros and Cons of Renegade GK Talon Goalie Gloves:

  • Great design.
  • It provides great control to grip the ball.
  • Extremely responsive and easy to control.
  • It provides maximum impact protection.
  • Delivers great surface contact with the ball.
  • It provides great breathability.
  • Fingersaves are removable which makes it flexible.
  • Easy adjustment and closure.
  • It provides enough comfort and convenience.
  • Might not come with finger saver for the thumb.
  • Grip might seem a little slippery.
  • Might wear out soon.

7. Adidas Performance ACE Replique – Best Durable Goalkeeper Gloves:

No products found.

Nothing can get through the net. This is what the Replique version of Performance Ace by Adidas boasts when it comes to the performance and grip of the pair.

Gloves don’t really feel like gloves if they don’t have cushioning in them. But this Adidas soccer goalkeeper gloves offers that since the pair features padded palm for your comfort.

Speaking more of comfort, the palm has been made with Soft Grip Pro smooth latex that grips well during contact with the ball and endures well in extreme weather conditions.

Just like the previous one, this Adidas goalkeeper glove too comes in a good blend of Polyester and Polyurethane material that makes it a solid pair.

Although, some of the users still wanted the gloves to last longer, but their performance pleased almost everyone.

 Coming with a positive cut style, the gloves give a snug fit that helps you move your hands comfortably. Besides, the gloves’ vented cuff with a slit wrist is also there that serve the same purpose.

However, the gloves might run largely by one whole size so you might require to grab one size smaller for a snug fit. Besides, you can also measure the width of the part of your palm to size the gloves. Make sure you exclude the thumb part.

Pros and Cons of Adidas Performance ACE Replique:

  • Great design.Impressive performance.
  • Amazing cushioning due to padded palm.
  • Palm material makes the pair endure extreme conditions.
  • It offers superb control.
  • It provides flexibility and easy adjustment.
  • Offers snug fit.
  • Provides great grip.
  • Might run big by one size.
  • The palm is likely to get peeled quickly.

8. Goalie Goalkeeper Pro – Best Gloves for Control:

No products found.

In the majority of the gloves, one downside that always comes with them is their lack of durability. But with these gloves by Coodoo brand, you can expect a little different.

Although they won’t be very durable, but this Pro is able to last longer than many of its rivals. Besides, you will love the way they balance both grip and performance. Their palm coming with roll-thumb has been made with 3MM of latex and 3MM of foam. So, this ensures both grip and maximum protection while providing you maximum control and handling of the ball no matter what the weather condition is.

Moreover, the glove features non-slip and water-resistant latex palms that make it more ideal to use.

Their 3D air mesh body can be another reason to like the gloves as it helps keep your hands dry and cool for a longer time.

Not just that, you will also love its backbone finger protection system which has been engineered with a kind of native plastic that helps in preventing overextended finger injuries and makes it one of the top soccer goalkeeper gloves with finger protection.

The gloves further feature a double-designed wristband so that the gloves can snug fit the wrist muscles and decrease the risk of any kind of sprains.

You will find the lining layer elastic whereas the outer side is equipped with Velcro bandage and stretch-strap. This helps a lot in making the gloves flexible so that you can adjust the fit and secure them in place perfectly.

Pros and Cons of Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves Pro:

  • Provide great grip and maximum protection.
  • Offers superior ball control and handling.
  • Able to endure extreme weather conditions.
  • Flexible and easy to adjust.
  • Breathability keeps your hands dry and cool.
  • Goalkeeper gloves with finger protection system.
  • It helps avoid overextended finger injuries.
  • Very reasonable price range.
  • Offers snug fit.
  • No downsides found.

9. Adidas Predator Junior – Best Beginner’s Goalkeeper Gloves:

No products found.

Predator Junior is able to be the best goalkeeper gloves for youth and new goalies if you want a pair for your practice session.

Adidas made sure to offer both protection and cushioning of palms and fingers in the form of this model so that you can get the best vibe from the pair.

The palm made with latex offers a decent grip while it feels soft. Not just that, the material also makes the gloves endure extreme weather conditions flawlessly.

However, many users still felt the gloves to be thin. So if they had more padding then we could call it a perfect pair.

But, that should not discourage you. Look at the positive sides. Look at their flexibility and performance. Speaking of both, the gloves also feature full-wrap wrist straps that come with Velcro closure to provide proper fitment and easy entry and exit.

Pros and Cons of Adidas Predator Junior:

  • Offers great protection.
  • The cushioning offers great support and comfort.
  • Flexible and easy to adjust.Lightweight gloves.
  • The grip is great.
  • Able to endure extreme weather condition.
  • Might not last longer.
  • Required more padding.

10. Valorsports Professional Fingersave – Best Gloves for Frequent Use:

Valorsports Professional Fingersave Adult Kid Hand Palm...
  • Flat Cut – The finger is made of the classic flat...
  • Fingersave – There is fingersave inside of the hand...
  • Natural Latex – The hand palm is made of natural...

Valorsports Professional Fingersave does act like a pro as you can guess from the name of the gloves.

Coming with a flat cut style, the gloves will feel very firm and long-lasting so that you can pass many gaming season with the pair.

You will find a finger protection there on the inner side of the hand back that helps prevent sprain effectively which could have caused by excessive extroversion.

When it comes to the palm, it has used latex and foam giving a good durability and gripyness to the gloves.

The backhand feature EVA material that does not only offer flexibility but also feels comfy. You will find yourself using it for longer-term and continuously.

You have a double wristband design in the form of these gloves where they help protect wrist joint by contracting your wrist muscles

Although, some wear and tear can be expected for frequent use. But for practice, they are great to have.

Make sure you get a size up since many of the users found it running small.

Pros and Cons of Valorsports Professional Fingersave:

  • Provides superb protection.
  • Feels comfortable to wear.
  • Fingersave helps prevent sprain.
  • Latex and foam offers durability and grip.EVA material provides flexibility.
  • Double wristband design helps protect wrists joints.
  • Wear and tear after frequent use.
  • Might run small.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves – Buying Guide


A basic goalie glove is comprised of the following different parts, all of which have some basic functions:


The backhand has been padded substantially so it can help protect the hand while offering maximum ball contact. The glove’s body and the finger gusset connect the backhand and the palm. While cheaper gloves come with just one layer of foam padding, there are many higher-end options that are constructed with latex.

Speaking of finger gussets, these are inner mesh lining of finger that come in small pieces of material inserting into the glove to aid in enhancing the fitment.


It refers to the part that helps make you put on and off the gloves and secure them to your hand. The closure usually comes in three types hook and loop, bandage and v-notch.

Among them, the first one is the most common closure that is made with elastic and features an adjustable strap that you can use to tighten or loosen the glove.

The bandage closure is a lot like a regular bandage that wraps around your wrist securely. Such type helps offer amazing support for wrist as well as great fit.

As for the V-notch one, it features a ‘vented’ entry for which it is called the ‘v’ so that it can keep your hands cool and free of moisture.


The palm lets you catch and secure the ball basically. You will find two textures in the type of palm: one is dimpled and the other is smooth.

Dimpled palms are great for practice. They come with a gripping agent that is not that strong but you will find it very durable making it ideal for the session.

When it comes to the smooth, such textured palms are ideal for match play and come with a clinging agent so that you can grab the ball effortlessly, and like a pro! However, it is likely to wear out due to frequent use but if you use it occasionally, it can help prolong the life of the gloves.

Finger save:

Fingers are vital that helps you catch and secure the ball for which they are called the best defense mechanism of a goalie. Finger save is an insert in the glove that is made with a plastic material which is bent in such a way so that it can shield the finger from getting damaged. Not just that, such a feature also helps in averting an awkward flex while offering great impact absorption to protect your fingers.

However, there are two types of finger saves that you will find: stiff and bendable.

The stiff spines bend forward only that helps prevent hyper-extension. So, they will not bend backward.

And the bendable spines bend both forward and backward that allow superior flexibility for your convenienc


It is extremely vital that your gloves fit your hands ideally. Or else the gloves won’t be perfect for you. Keep in mind that the gloves you grab should give you the feel of no gloves which means they have to fit snugly: neither too loose nor too tight. The cut os a glove plays a vital role in making a glove fit properly:

Different Cuts of gloves :

Flat Cut:

It is known as a ‘traditional cut’ where the palm on the gloves comes in a single piece of flat foam while the seams are on the exterior of the fingers. This cut helps provide a large catching area, loose fit and boxier look. However, although the cut uses gussets to make the glove tighter but they don’t offer as much latex coverage. So, you will have to expect a lesser grip from it.

Gunn Cut:

The latex of this cut is rolled around the fingers since the seams on the back of the fingers cause them to roll forward. Therefore this design helps set off a large amount of latex, snug fit, amazing ball control and a big contact area with the ball. The grip is great with the Gunn cut but durability is disappointing.

Negative Cut:

A cut where the stitching is on the interior of the glove. The palm is constructed by one-piece latex with gussets between the backhand and the palm. In other words, such a cut offers a very snug fit and excellent control on ball with a little added grip. The cut can end up in quick wear and tear. However, It is great for females and for the goalies having slimmer hands.

Hybrid Cut:

This is a kind of style that comes in a combo of Gunn cut and either the negative or flat cut. Such cut helps a lot in improving the grip of the gloves.

Ball control, handling and feel:

High quality gloves can mimic bare hands so that they can offer superior ball control, handling and feel. Make sure the pair is not too thick padded that can make it difficult to bend the fingers. Because the absence of flexibility can end up with you dropping or parrying the ball more than you should rather than holding onto it. Thus, it is important to ensure the three features so that they can make you a better performer.


The gloves should grab the ball with grip properly so that it does not slip through the gloves. So, the grip of the gloves plays a major role to make you a performer. There are many gloves that come with dry grip making them ideal to play in dry conditions. And since the majority of the games are played under such weather, you will find the dry grip ideal.


This is a kind of feature that offers a lot of benefits starting from performance to comfort and support. It does not only help prevent damage but also provides support and care for your wrist. Not just that, it also takes the sting out of hard shots while avoiding some minor bruising. So, make sure your gloves have this system since these features make a pair ideal for the match.

How to take care of Goalie gloves?

To become a quality goalie first make sure you are taking the best care of your gloves as possible.

  1. Keep gloves moist : Keep the gloves moist before and after the game
  2. Wash them : Wash them at regular intervals
  3. Keep gloves separately : Keep the gloves separate from other equipment in an isolation bag
  4. Use two pair of gloves : Try to use two pair of gloves, one pair for training and another for match.

How to wash Goalkeeper Gloves?

Frequently Asked Questions :

Question: How can I get the right size of the gloves?
Answer: If you want to get the right size of the gloves, you will need to measure your hands for understanding the size. You can follow these steps that have been suggested here:
1. Have the circumference of the widest part of your palm measured with a measuring tape without the fingers. This should fall just above the thumb and beneath your knuckle.
2. After that, round the number that you will get from the measurement in inches to the next highest inch.
3. Then, add 1-inch more to the measurement number so that you can get your proper glove size.
For instance, if your palm is 6.60-inches, then round this to 7-inch. So, you should get a glove of size 8.

Question: Which latex of glove should I pick?
Answer: The latex is an extremely essential feature in goalie gloves. There is a simple rule of thumb that you can follow to get the one your prefer and that is:
The harder the latex, the greater the durability.
The softer the latex, the greater the grip.
The thinner the latex, the more the control of the ball.
The thicker the latex, the better the safeguard.

Conclusion: Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Different gloves suit different goalies. There are some who would like to pick light gloves for enjoying the benefits of quick hand movements, then again there are some who would like to go with sticky palms that give you confidence to grip the ball effectively. Those who look for budget gloves they may opt for the cheap one.

For this, we have highlighted the 10 best goalkeeper gloves so that it can help you make a decision. Hopefully, you will get the one from the list that meets all of your requirements.

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