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Best Goalkeeper Gloves for Turf! [Top 10 Explained]

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Gloves are an essential part of hand gear for goalkeepers. They protect your hands from external damage while also providing you with the perfect grip you need to have over the incoming ball.

But the range of unique turf gloves found in the market now can turn your shopping into an overwhelming experience. There are also plenty of scammers who might dupe you into purchasing the wrong thing.

However you don’t have to worry about that as we’re going to review the best goalkeeper gloves for turf in this article right here. So let’s get started!

best goalkeeper gloves for turf

10 of the Best Goalkeeper Gloves for Turf:

1. Reusch Soccer Serathor SG Goalkeeper Gloves:

Reusch Soccer Serathor SG Finger Support Goalkeeper...
  • Reusch's SG soft grip foam is a high quality palm made...
  • Embossed foam design makes the glove more flexible at...
  • Reusch finger support stays are flexible finger...

This amazing pair of goalkeeping gloves comes in a bright blue-green color combination and can be afforded well under the 50 dollars price tag. This incredible pair is constructed with durable German latex material and has a strong embossed foam design which keeps it safe from wearing and tearing upon impact with the turf.

The gloves have thick yet flexible finger support which protects your thumb and the rest of your fingers from bruises and splinters.

There is an elastic piece right under the foam on the thumb notch, which makes sure the glove does not get torn prematurely. This pair of gloves will feel snug on your hands as it comes with a complete strap over the wrists.

You will find these convenient gloves to have a light weight of only a pound. However, know that they can be found in sizes 7 to 11 only. The model we are reviewing today is of size 10.

Pros and Cons:

  • Affordable Price
  • Durable
  • Finger Support
  • Snug Fit
  • Light Weight
  • May feel tight

2. Rinat Kancerbero Quantum Turf Gloves:

Rinat Kancerbero Quantum Turf
  • Cut: Hybrid, Negative-Roll.
  • Latex: Omega-Resistance for rugged indoor or arti cial...
  • Closure: We have improved the wristband, now it is more...

This budget friendly pair of turf gloves is perfect for those who wish for easy customization in order to make the pair more unique than it already is. These Quantum gloves can be found in a range of 3 different colors to choose from, and can be purchased for less than 50 dollars. The model we are reviewing today sports a solid blue-black color with specks of white all over it.

These best goalkeeper gloves for turfs comes with the patented Omega-Resistance palm section which is known to be at least 10 times more strong and durable than your regular palm sections. The synthetic construction of the gloves makes the pair highly breathable and strong to be worn on for long hours on end.

The convenient flat cut of the gloves provide customers with a better fit, allowing them enhanced mobility and endurance while playing on harder surfaces. These gloves weigh very little as well.

Pros and Cons:

  • Superior Grip
  • Comfort
  • High protection
  • Dual grip palm
  • Easily Customizable
  • Highly Breathable
  • Abrasion resistance is slightly below the mark

3. Reusch Pure Contact 3 Goalkeeper Gloves (R3, size 11):

Reusch Pure Contact 3 R3 (Astro/Hard Ground) Goalkeeper...
  • Ultimate lightness for artificial grounds: Dominate the...
  • Including the R3 Mega Solid palm this model is our...
  • R3 represents our ultimate balance between being...

The Pure Contact 3 soccer goalkeeper gloves sport a vibrant blue, green and yellow color exterior with an elongated wrist strap that works to cover and protect your palms and wrists. However, do note that this pair of the best goalkeeper gloves for turfs is not too budget friendly, but it is still worth the purchase.

These gloves come with the patented FreeFlex backhand construction and one piece design which makes the entire product super light weight and comfortable to have on your hands while playing on hard surfaces.

The palm design is also a patented one, called the R3 Mega Solid construction which does wonders in keeping your hands safe from external impact against the tough turf ground. This glove pair is made of only the highest quality latex material combined with soft foam and cushioning as well as the patented Durabond Tech. The gloves come with internal seams and a covered thumb area.

Pros and Cons:

  • Wrist strap protects palms and wrists
  • Very lightweight match gloves
  • Made with high quality Latex
  • Provide extra cushioning
  • Has thumb wrap for better protection
  • Is not budget friendly

4. Coodoo Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves:

Coodoo Goalkeeper Goalie Soccer Gloves with Fingersave,...
  • FINGERSAVES PROTECTION---Our new improved backbone...

The Coodoo Goalie Gloves can be found in sporting blue color for the external appearance. The model we are reviewing today can also be found in 4 other unique and solid colors to choose from. This pair of goalkeeper gloves is extremely affordable yet is comes with amazing features. You will not be disappointed with this purchase at all!

This top range gloves come with a patented 3D tech soft-mesh body construction which protects the palms and wrists from crashing against hard surfaces. The thumb design has a 3mm addition of strong and durable foam which specifically keeps the thumbs safe.

The wristbands of these best goalie gloves for turf are extended so that they manage to cover a larger part of your hands. You can easily tweak around with the adjustments of the wristbands so that they fit you more properly and do not slip off. The wristbands come equipped with durable Velcro bandages.

Pros and Cons:

  • Suitable for both training and matches
  • Highly Durable
  • Excellent Grip
  • Have double wrist safety features
  • Attractive design and color
  • Great value for price
  • Palm could be more sticky

5. Reusch Fit Control R3 Goalkeeper Gloves (in size 8):

Reusch Fit Control R3 Finger Support, Size 8
  • HIGH QUALITY TURF FOAM: Reusch's R3 Mega Solid hard...
  • FINGER PROTECTION: Reusch Finger Support stays are the...
  • BACKHAND OF GLOVE: All-over embossed Pro Latex backhand...

This model is specifically a size 8 one and can be found in a bright shade of red and neon green. However, this pair is not too budget friendly either but we still think you should go for it as it comes with a plethora of incredible features.

The gloves are constructed with only the highest quality mega-solid foam material which keeps your fingers, palms and wrists safe from every kind of external damage, such as bruises due to contact with the ball or with the hard surface of the turf.

The finger supports on this pair of the best goalkeeper gloves for turfs is known to be super light weight, hence allowing players to have better mobility and comfort.

You will find the backhand of these gloves to be embossed with high quality materials, allowing the gloves and the goalkeeper wearing them to be much more flexible.

Pros and Cons:

  • High quality turf foam make it suitable for hard ground
  • Have the lightest version of finger protection
  • Embossed pro latex backhand make it super flexible
  • AirVent system makes the glove highly breathable
  • Some users find it suitable only for training

6. Renegade GK Rogue Goalie Gloves:

Renegade GK Limited Edition Rogue Guardian Goalie...
  • TRUSTED BY PLAYERS & THE PROS: RGK gloves are designed...
  • LIMITED EDITION: The new RGK Rogue series is the 1st...

This amazing pair in size 9 comes sporting an attractive deep blue color on the backhand while the palms are covered with a cream colored shade. You can find this product in a variety of 9 different colors to choose from.

The gloves are constructed with the strongest 3mm+4 composite neoprene material, which provides your hands with enough comfort. You will not feel your hands sweating or getting moist even under the harshest weather conditions.

These gloves are equipped with strong rubber ridges and sport the company logo around the backhand and on the wrist-straps. This durable pair of gloves has finger wraps that are made of only the highest quality latex material, so that you get the best flexibility and mobility during a match. The finger gussets are also made of latex.

You will find this pair of gloves to have a negative cut design and arched palms for better grip and mobility.

Pros and Cons:

  • 1st limited edition gloves
  • Highest level of grip and control
  • 4+3MM latex palms and neoprene backhand provide high level protection
  • 6CM 360° Duratek strap give excellent wrist support
  • Superior value and Comfort
  • A bit heavy

7. Rinat Egotiko Quantum Professional Glove:

The Rinat Egotiko Goalkeeper gloves is the pair you should definitely go for if you want to invest into something subtle, minimalistic yet eye catching at the same time. This model can be found in two different colors and can be found well under 100 dollars.

The Egotiko is constructed of strong and durable synthetic material, which is really strong yet flexible, hence allowing goalkeepers to stretch out their fingers whenever they start to feel strained.1

You will find this pair to be embossed with high frequency cushioning in order to provide the gloves with enhanced volume and stabilization. The flat cut design on the gloves works to properly adjust the built of the gloves to your natural hand contours.

Since this pair of the best goalkeeper gloves for turf is equipped with the patented Omega Resistance latex material, you can expect these gloves to last you for much longer than other ordinary turf gloves.

Pros and Cons:

  • Specially designed high durability glove
  • Synthetic material with high frequency embossing provide volume and cushioning
  • It’s ergonomy adjusts to the hands natural form
  • Omega resistant latex makes the glove suitable for artificial turf
  • Not very long lasting

8. Select 33 Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves:

Select 33 Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves with Finger...
  • SELECT 33 Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves with finger...
  • BUY IN BULK AND SAVE!! TWO PAIRS of 33 Hard Ground...
  • FINGER PROTECTION: The 33 Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves...

This amazing model comes in a bulk pair of two goalkeeping gloves for the price of one! This amazing set features two very durable and comfortable green-black colored gloves which can be afforded for a little over 50 dollars. We think this is a great price range since you will actually be getting two products at the same time!

These two pairs of gloves come equipped with a flat cut design which is very ergonomic. The flat cut design easily conforms to the natural contours of your hands, hence allowing a better and snugger fit the entire time you have the gloves on. You will not experience them slipping off at all.

The palm is covered with a 3mm heat resistance latex material which protects the palms from external scratches and cuts, while the heat resistance technology makes sure you get to wear the gloves even under the harshest weather conditions ever possible.

Pros and Cons:

  • Available in bulk pack of two pairs
  • Flexible spines at backhand provide high protection and stability
  • Flat cut and 3mm heat treated latex palm specially designed for artificial grounds
  • Adjustable and supportive latex wrist straps provide adequate wrist support
  • The palm deteriorates quickly

9. Reusch Attrakt Goalkeeper Gloves:

Even though the Attrakt Goalkeeper gloves are not too budget friendly, we still think it is an amazing pair of gloves as it comes with some amazing features and works really well in protecting the hands from the hard impact of the surface below.

The durable DuraGuard patch made of latex on these gloves work incredibly well in keeping your palms soft all day long, while providing goalkeepers with optimal grip over the incoming ball.

These best goalkeeper gloves for turf are constructed with the softest palm foam, allowing goalkeepers to experience a snug fit and enhanced mobility while playing. The seams on the outside of these gloves are now bigger, combined with the ergonomic flat cut design which increases a goalkeepers gripping ability by numbers.

There is a pro-latex material embossed on the back of the gloves, allowing the pair to be exceptionally flexible. These gloves use the AirVent tech which works to promote enhanced breathability all throughout the gloves.

Pros and Cons:

  • R3 Mega Solid foam makes the glove extremely durable
  • Provide perfect grip and cushioning for confident handling
  • Duraguard latex patch offers extra abrasion resistance
  • Use of AirVent mesh makes the glove more breathable and comfortable
  • Only performs best in dry and low humid conditions

10. GRM Goalie Gloves with Upgraded Finger Saver:

GRM Goalie Gloves Youth, Goalkeeper Gloves with Finger...
  • DOUBLE LAYERS PALM PADS: GRM goalkeeper gloves have 3...
  • UPGRADED FINGERS PROTECTION: Designed with strengthened...

Our last product of the day is this pair of GRM goalie gloves which can be found in a bright neon green color. These can be found in 10 other colors as well, and can be afforded for less than $50.

This amazing pair of the best goalkeeper gloves for turf is constructed with a strong 3mm layer of latex material, while the palm section consists of a durable foam pad of 3mm as well.

The palm section is known to be wear and tear resistance, while also allowing users to experience better grip and mobility while playing. The breathable thumb grip on these gloves is also covered with an additional layer of latex material.

The double wrist bands design of the gloves will make sure the pair does not slip off of your hands at any cost. The best thing about this purchase is that you will receive free shin guards as well!

Pros and Cons:

  • 3mm latex provides super grip and better ball control
  • Strengthened backbone fingersaves and extra latex layer for the thumb prevent fingers from injuries, allowing fingers to move in natural direction
  • Elastic and outer wristband with hook loop protect wrist and reduce wrist spraining risk
  • The pad for the opisthenar is made by premium EVA and foam, lightweight, comfortable & wear resistant; breathable mesh keeps your hands dry and comfortable
  • Extra padding sometimes create problem in feeling the ball

Best Goalkeeper Gloves for Turf: Buying Guide

The glove a goalie wears plays a huge role in determining the outcome of the game. This is why we thought you should know some of the important factors you need to consider when buying the right turf gloves for your specific needs.

The fit
It is important for the gloves to properly fit your hand measurements as you will be required to wear them on for a pretty long time. In order to make sure the gloves fit you, you should go for physical glove stores and not online ones, so you can try on the gloves and check out if they feel comfortable on your hands or not.

Size guide for goalie gloves

Size      Age/Size            Height

4          6-7 years       125-135 cm (-4’5”)

5          8-9 years       135-145 cm (4’5”-4’9”)

6          10-11 years   145-165 cm (4’9”-5’1”)

7          Youth             157-165 cm 5’2”-5’5”)

8         Adult (S to M) 165-174 cm (5’5”-5’9”)

9         Adult (L)         175-183 cm (5’9”-6’0”)

10      Adult  (XL)   184-189 cm (6’0”-6’2”)

11      Adult (XXL)   190cm- (6’3”-)

You should go for turf gloves that are made of strong latex material combined with heavy-duty adhesives as they last longer and are very comfortable to wear for long hours on end.

Harder surfaces like turfs can be tough on your gloves. When the gloves come in contact with the turf it tends to damage them faster. Therefore, you will need an extremely durable glove to play of artificial grounds. Our recommendations for you will be please own two pairs of gloves. Well, the logic behind this is to keep the gloves vibrant and make them last longer. As you will use one pair during your training and the other for matches. Or you can buy a pair of top range gloves for matches and the other pair of low quality cheaper training gloves. Do not forget to choose glove designed for playing on the turf.

Finger protection
It is quite normal that goalies who are young tend to get their fingers injured a lot. So you need to select the glove very cautiously as all the gloves made, are not same. Therefore, if you are an amateur soccer player you should look for gloves that are produced to protect your hands better. While choosing study intensely the glove’s description whether the glove is properly equipped with the finger protection.

Turf Gloves vs Gloves used in Natural Grass:

It is quite easy to differentiate between turf and natural grass gloves, but first timers do not really know of these differences. We will clearly point out the simple distinctions between them below so you get a better idea of what you will be investing into.

Turf Gloves:

  • Made of denser quality soft latex material
  • They have textured palm sections
  • Turf gloves usually come with covered fingers
  • Gloves for turfs are generally more expensive than gloves for natural grass
  • Thick grip in the middle for better endurance
  • Construction material is incorporated with strong adhesives.

Natural Grass Gloves:

  • Made of lighter quality latex
  • The palms have soft grip on them as natural grass is softer
  • Can be found mainly with half finger covers
  • Less costly than turf gloves.

Care for Gloves:

  • Keep them moist before and during the game.
  • Wash them at regular intervals.
  • Do not use detergent
  • Do not put the latex side up against each other.
  • Keep them separate from your other equipment.
  • Store away from direct heat spurces and sun when not in use.
  • Make sure to have two pairs, one for training and one for matches.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know what size goalkeeper gloves I need?
To determine your glove size:
1. Measure the circumference of the widest part of the palm.
2. Do not include the thumb.
3. Round this number up to the next highest inch, and then add 1″ to the measurement.

Are Fingersave gloves better?
Fingersave is perfect for youth goalkeepers who need extra protection, but a lot of older goalkeepers choose the flexibility and ball control you get in a glove without fingersave rather than the protection you get in a glove with fingersave.

How long turf Goalkeeper Gloves last?
Turf gloves can be used on almost any surface. These gloves have palms created specifically to withstand the incredibly tough artificial surfaces that today’s goalkeepers play on. Some call it 4G, others Field Turf, but no matter the name- artificial turf is brutal on gloves and a high durability glove is needed! A glove designed for games will last on average 12 –14 games before they have to be converted to the practice ranks. Some keepers get more than a season but that depends on how well the keeper cares for the gloves, their diving technique, the amount of stress the gloves are under, and playing surface.

Do professional goalkeepers get new gloves every game?
Every goalkeeper is different. Some change gloves in every game, but modern latex needs to be broken in a little (or pre washed) and grip is often better on the 2nd wear, so there are a lot who will go 4-5 games before changing.

Are Reusch goalkeeper gloves good?
Reusch Soccer Prisma Prime G3 Finger Support Goalkeeper Gloves. You may have never heard of Reusch before, but they are an exceptionally great brand in soccer cleats and especially goalkeeping.

How do I make my goalie gloves sticky?
1 hour before a match: Pour, or squeeze from a squirt bottle, some water on your glove palms—not to soak them, but just to coat them a little. They will probably be slippery right away. The water needs a bit of time to soak in. By game time you’ll be in better shape than you would be with plain old dry gloves.

Conclusion: Best Goalkeeper Gloves for Turf

We have reviewed the 10 best goalkeeper gloves for turf. When it comes to shopping it’s you who will decide. You need buy something that works for you and not what everyone is wild about. Buying a good pair of gloves is awfully vital for you. Your hands will remain grateful to you for this. You have to keep the field in mind you are playing on. The harder the ground, the tougher the gloves need to be. Durability is vital in choosing gloves to be used on artificial grass. Your hands are the supreme tool you have to play your game. Shield them and they will serve you well. We hope our best goalkeeper gloves for turf article will help you make your best buy. Enjoy shopping!  

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