Adidas Traxion Socks Review

Introduction :

Adidas has always been my sports gear brand of choice. From their kickass classic Stan Smiths to my all time favorite collaboration with Stella McCartney that screams elegance (subtly, yes) – Adidas combined my love of good quality athletic wear and refined style. Now with Adidas Traxion Socks line up, they’ve really taken soccer socks to the next level.


I’ll be honest the socks from adidas had always been a tad lackluster for me, I preferred Nike for this sole category but once I examined and tried on the new next generation Adidas Traxion Socks, I was sold.

Features of Adidas Traxion Socks :

The Adidas Traxion Socks have 5 premium features that compel to be a near perfect pair of socks for playing:

  • Great Sweat Control from Climacool Tech
  • Traxion Areas allow for better grip and stability
  • Cushioned foot and ankle padding for better protection
  • Climalite yarns allow for added comfort
  • Made up of materials that allow for maximum stretchability and length

Okay, so what makes adidas traxion socks a good soccer sock?

Seems mundane enough but a good quality soccer sock pair is characterized by the following:

They must be long and stretchy enough to accommodate a large shin guard (try the Nike Mercurial Lite ones for some great light protection!) and come up to the knee. Thus they need to be made up of strong, stretchy fabrics such as nylon, polyester, and spandex. Nylon, itself is very strong, impact absorbent material that can withstand damage and injury well. When seen in fibers, they stay relatively dry and resistant to rotting or damage. When combined with polyester and spandex, this increases its tensile strength so it can now stretch to accommodate lengths. Polyester is also very strong, water resistant and quick to dry if gotten wet so you won’t have to worry about it sticking to your legs and having that uncomfortable mushy wet sock feeling. Moreover, as well as nylon, it is immensely durable. The Spandex in the blend of the Adidas Traxion gives it the stretch and elasticity it needs to accommodate those wide shin guards perfectly thus minimizing the worry for that stiffness found in many knee-length soccer socks.


The second factor is of sweat control. These beauties come with Adidas’ very own clima control technology that is sweat resistant, wetness resistant and very breathable. Most of my gear is from the climacool, control or lite range. They battle the elements as well as are a pleasure to wear. For the socks, they add the mesh material in the form of channels in the fibre so that your feet can have room to breathe, making them so much more comfortable. There is also the added climalite moisture control wick that keeps your feet dry and cool whilst playing. We all know what a big difference a nice comfy pair of socks can make!

And last but not least, Foot Specificity. You’d be surprised at what a difference wearing the right sock for your right foot instead of you are left will do for you. Now with the way technology has advanced, you have every right to demand that socks be individually designed for the proper foot. For elite or aspiring elite players, this is crucial. Adidas does this with FORMOTION technology. This technology essentially allows the fabric to be equipped with motion detection technology so that the fabric molds to the specific shape of the foot and the motions it goes through while playing. It is three-dimensionally designed and engineered to mold to the curvature and muscles of the foot to allow for greater added comfort and flexibility on the playing field.


There are also a few other features that make these one of the best soccer socks you could buy. First of which is the added padding, ankle and foot support. The foot and ankle is cushioned with extra padding that provide protection from impact and injury the arch and ankle padding gives some added support. This also causes minimum slippage during play. Also these allows for you to get no blisters while playing and that’s always a good thing!

Another feature is the Traxion parts of the sock, namely the foot and achilles heel provides more support and protection than their competitors. As well as this increases grip so that the socks stay firmly secured to your foot and shins. As an added benefit, this technology minimizes pressure points on the foot and is perfect for all outdoor sports!

However, one thing to note may be that it may be a little tighter on the calves so it might be worth sizing up to find your perfect fit.

Conclusion :

The Adidas Traxion Socks are long lasting, durable and made up of great quality materials embellished with state of the art technology is sports improvement.  As well as the clean pristine design, it comes in a bunch of colors including Bold Blue, White, Black and Power Red with Light onyx and Onyx trimmings. It may be slightly more expensive for sports socks but youre getting a product that’s well worth the price plus a pair would last you for years. Grab a pair for one of the best soccer sock experience as well as a fashionable one!

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