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Adidas Tango Shoes! Best Turf Shoe Review

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The soccer game whether in firm ground or in turf feels incomplete if a player does not play the game with a pair of soccer shoes. And whenever we talk about shoes, one of the most known brands that pop up into your head will be Adidas.

Almost all the players possess one pair from the brand. But if you don’t have one then don’t worry! We have a great recommendation for you.

If you are looking for a pair that will offer aggressive traction and snug fit with multi directional movement, then think of getting Adidas Tango shoes. And the reasons are highlighted below.

Adidas Tango Shoes : Various Designs and Styles

adidas tango shoes

Features of Adidas Tango Shoes:


Traction definitely matters a lot in a soccer game because this is what gives you all the freedom of multi directional movement. For this, these Adidas shoes came up with light perforated out sole which has been made up rubber so that it can offer pure acceleration while its arrowhead studs work to provide superior traction.

People loved the grip feel of the shoe that helped them
perform on the field in a better way.

Speaking of arrowhead studs, these come in arrow-like shape at the bottom that help gives aggressive bite on indoor surfaces with minimum stud pressure.

So, these shoes definitely deserve 5/5 for traction.

adidas Boy's X Tango 17.3 in J Soccer Shoe,...
  • Experience zero wear-in time with a techfit compression...
  • Mid-cut knit design for supreme stability and freedom...
  • Turf outsole for unleashed speed and traction on turf


Adidas Tango shoes come in a traditional lacing system but with a unique style. The looks feel great where it does not only add style but also offers snug fitment. However, this lacing system plays a major part in the fitment of the shoe, the big plus is that these laces do not get tangled which is absolutely a matter of big relief.

Besides, the shoe also possesses a low-cut silhouette with their signature Claw collar shape that features a stretch material which helps lock your foot to the shoe. As a result, you will get incredible support and stability from a pair of Adidas Tango shoes.

There are some people who found the shoe running more on the small side, so you might need to get one size bigger for better fitment.

Also, it might take a little time to break them in, but after
a couple of uses, you will love its snug fit.

Hence, for its fitment, we rate it 4.5/5.

adidas Predator Tango 18.3 Turf Soccer Shoe (mens)...
  • Mesh upper for breathability; Snug sock-like material...
  • Experience ultimate lockdown with an anatomically...
  • Ribbed collar takes stadium style off-pitch

Cushioning and comfort:

The midsole of Adidas Tango shoes has been padded with EVA foam to not only offer to cushion to your feet but also provide enough support to your ankle and feet. Besides, the shoe also offers barefoot sensation which means that wearing the pair will make you feel like you are wearing nothing.

So, you can say that the brand has padded the shoes
moderately that does not make the shoe feel bulky.

Hence for cushioning and comfort, the shoes deserve 4/5. 


The shoes come in sock-like construction. As a result, the shoes will embrace your foot properly. The pair is boasted to be man made so quality will be phenomenal.

Moreover, while the out sole has been made with rubber, the brand has used coated and un-coated prime mesh for the upper. It’s a dual-layer mesh that helps flex with your foot pretty well.

Although the mesh adds a good look to the design, it does not contribute much to the breath ability.

Some people have also griped about its poor ventilation since their feet felt hot. But that is just a minor con.

As for the color, you will get Adidas Tango shoes in three different colors including Solar Yellow, Black & White; Off White, Black & White and Blue, Solar Yellow & Black.

So, for its construction, we would definitely rate it 4/5 

adidas Men's X 18.3 Turf, Active red/Silver...
  • Dual-layer mesh upper is lightweight and breathable
  • Low-cut Clawcollar locks your foot into the boot for...
  • Full-length EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning


The Adidas Tango shoes happen to be a very light pair for your feet. People loved its lightness that weighs around just 10.1 ounces.

And since it does not weigh you down, you will love to move
and run with the pair during the play. It does not only give you free movement
but also helps you control the pair the way you want.

Hence, we would rate 4/5 for its weight.

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Pros and Cons : Adidas Tango Shoes

  • The light perforated outsole offers great traction.
  • The studs make the bottom aggressive for grip.
  • It offers multidirectional movement.
  • The lacing system provides a snug fit.
  • Claw collar shape helps lock your foot by stretching the material.
  • It provides incredible support and stability.
  • Padded fairly with EVA foam for cushioning.
  • Feels comfortable with barefoot sensation.
  • Coated and Uncoated Prime mesh helps flex your foot.
  • Weighs light to wear.
  • Great design.
  • Solid construction and high quality
  • It comes in three different colors.
  • The shoe might feel tight for wider feet.
  • The size might run small.
  • It does not offer enough ventilation.
  • It might take time to break them in.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is the function of the Claw collar shape?
Answer: Claw collar shape is a construction that features a stretching material which helps in keeping your feet into the shoe perfectly. Thus it offers stability and support.

Question: Does it weigh light?
Answer: The Adidas Tango shoes come in around 10.1 ounces. So, the pair does weigh light and will not bring you down.

Question: Is it ideal for wider feet?
Answer: The pair happens to run small. And on top of that, it takes time to break the shoes in. The brand has labeled it to be very tight for wider feet. Hence, it might not be ideal for people to have wider feet. But you can try getting a larger size for better fitment. 

Question: Can you use it with socks?
Answer: If you get one size bigger, then you can pair it with socks. Or else the shoes will fit very tight and it will be rather tricky to move the feet and toe with the pair while wearing socks.

Adidas Tango Shoes : A Video Review

YouTube video

Conclusion: Adidas Tango Shoes

If you want a soccer pair that will deliver accurate passes and shots then these Adidas Tango shoes are your sure bet. The pair comes with all the features that make it an ideal soccer shoe to play in turf. Although breathability can be a little problem, other than that, the shoe is great. Be it for offering control or comfort or traction, this is a great shoe that you must have. If you are looking for firm ground shoes, you can check this out.

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