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Adidas Squadra 17 Shorts![A Handy Review].

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How do you even focus on your play if your apparel is not comfy enough? Just like any other gear, a pair of soccer shorts are also very crucial in the field. Therefore, Adidas has brought you Adidas Squadra 17 Shorts that possess comfort, flexibility, and high quality.

If you think you lack some decent shorts for the match, then you can trust this one to last a lot of seasons.

All you will just need is to know about the shorts. And for this, we have scrutinized each and every feature with both bright and dark sides of the shorts. So, let’s check out!

Available in Multiple Colors

adidas squadra 17 shorts

Features of Adidas Squadra 17 Shorts (Buying Guide):


The shorts come in about 7 inches inseam. You can think of this length as the easiest size for your wear. Moreover, the shorts offer you a bit of exposure on the thigh making it comfortable to play with. But, make sure you get yourself one size bigger since the shorts can run smaller.

However, the size of the shorts is basically ideal for an adult. Hence, young players might not be able to use them. Nonetheless, they can opt for other shorts from Adidas that also offer the same quality and performance.

adidas Unisex-Child Youth Squadra 17 Shorts
  • Climalite fabric sweeps sweat away from skin
  • Drawcord on elastic waist
  • 3 Stripes down sides


As for the material, the shorts have used Climalite fabric that helps sweep the sweat away from the skin leaving you all cool and dry. It is such a fabric that has been designed so you can play comfortably even in warm weather. Besides, it is also one of Adidas’ innovative designs which comprises of synthetic on the inner and cotton on the outer. So, this feature
will definitely help improve sweat-pulling properties as well as evaporate moisture.

However, some people found the material to be quite thin so the shorts might seem a little see-through. But this should not be a problem since the thinness makes the shorts comfier to wear.

adidas Men's Squadra 17 Shorts
  • Get our head in the game rocking these comfortable...

Adjustability and Comfort:

These shorts feature elastic waistbands that come with drawcord strings so that they can help in the adjustment to give you snug fit on your waist. Speaking of the drawcord, it basically runs in the internal part of the waistband with 2 loose ends at the front. You can tie these ends in a knot so that you can secure them snugly. Besides, you can also control the waist size of these shorts promoting its adjustability. It means Adidas Squadra 17 shorts will let you loosen and tighten the shorts with ease so that you can feel comfortable wearing them.

adidas Squadra 17 Men's Soccer Shorts with Brief
  • Ventilated climacool keeps you cool and dry.
  • Drawcord on elastic waist for personalised fit.
  • Engineered mesh insert on sides.

Design and Trademark:

The shorts come in five colors with white stripes and outlines making the apparel look casual and classy. Therefore, the color options that you will get to pick are black, dark blue, white, red and bold blue. Although they don’t have pockets that dissatisfied a few users, their absence did not make much difference since the pockets aren’t that mandatory to have.

However, you will find three-striped down right on both the sides of the shorts. in other words, 3 stripes are known as a trademark of Adidas that consists of three parallel lines that usually feature with the logo of Adidas Company. Moreover, you will also find embroidered Adidas brandmark on the back of the shorts that will never get peeled out no matter how long you use them and wash them.

adidas Squadra 17 Shorts - Adult - Black/White - XS
  • adidas
  • Squadra 17 Shorts - Adult - Black/White


Maintaining the short is very easy. You can wash it after each use and since they are machine washable, it also has made the maintenance quite convenient. The best part is that the shorts do not even lose their color no matter how many washes they do though. The material that the brand has used made the shorts resistant to fadedness.

Pros and Cons:

  • Weighs very light.
  • Material is thin that makes it comfortable.
  • Drawcord strings make the short adjustable and snug fit on the waist.
  • Easy to put on without feeling tight.
  • Quality is high.
  • The climalite fabric lets the sweat evaporate quickly.
  • Shorts are able to keep you cool and dry making them ideal for warm weather.
  • Machine washable so maintenance is easy.
  • It does not lose color.
  • It comes in five different colors.
  • Great for adult.
  • Great for longer wear.
  • Shorts might seem a bit see-through due to thin material.
  • Do not come with pockets.
  • Might run a little small.
  • It might not be ideal for young players.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why the logo is on the back of the shorts? Are they the rejected ones?
No, the shorts are not rejected pieces. They are basically sold in the team or club catalog for the full team or club kits. The reason Adidas placed the logo on the back of the shorts is that it gives the team or clubs an option for customizing the shorts with the badge of the club or the number of a player.

What is the length of inseam?
The length of the inseam is 7 inches.

Do these shorts have an internal lining system?
No, these shorts do not have an internal lining system.

Do they come true to their size?
No, the shorts are shorter for running. So, you will need to buy one size bigger for proper fitment.

Do the shorts have pockets with them?
And will we get Adidas Squadra 17 shorts altogether? No, the shorts do not have pockets in them. And Squadra 17 is the name of the shorts, you will get one basically.

Are these shorts machine washable?
Yes, these shorts are machine washable.

Conclusion : Adidas Squadra 17 Shorts

These shorts by Adidas are not only great to be used on any soccer match but also you can wear them casually. Coming in five different colors, these shorts will give you a range of options so you can pick your favorite one. Besides, they have also proven their worth by showing their quality so you can have them for the longer-term. However, these are the shorts that never get old that make it perfect for every generation.

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