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Adidas Ghost Shin Guards! [A Worthy Review].

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Have you ever grabbed any pair of soccer shin guards in your life that does not only offer protection and comfort but also helps improve blood circulation so you can perform well? If not, then we guess you haven’t met Adidas ghost shin guards that will be there to provide all of them.

These shin guards come with sleeves making them very easy to put on and off. But that isn’t the reason we brought the product here. They have some other factors as well which we think you should know!

Adidas Ghost Shin Guards : Various Designs and Styles

adidas ghost shin guards

Features of Adidas Ghost Shin Guards:


These Adidas soccer shin guards feature a Hard Slip-in Shield front plate that is hard enough to protect the shins safely from bruises or other injuries during play. The outer shell is plastic and you will find it relatively thick so that it can offer an ample amount of thickness. So, if you want to get hit directly at the shin, it will do a great job of dispersing the impact overall.

adidas Performance Adults Ghost Club Soccer Goalkeeper...
  • EVA backing for high comfort and durable cushioning
  • Attached ankle guard for ankle protection
  • Single front closure for adjustable guard width


The shin guards come with cushioned compression sleeves that go on top of the guards. These sleeves help a lot in holding the guards in place so that you can focus on your game properly. However, some people found the guards to run a little large, so it would be better if you measure the size beforehand prior to buying the product to avoid such hassle. Although, the sleeves offer a snug fit people still griped about the fitment. So, you might find them to become loose after a couple of use.

You might also find the guards to start sliding down the sleeves that can make you readjust the guards frequently. In such a case, it would be wise if you use tape to hold the guard in place if you think the sleeves aren’t snug fit enough. You can also sew the sleeves to make them smaller which is another alternative option to avoid inconvenience.


The material at the back has used a dense and fairly thick layer of foam without any liner on top. You will find a graphic of silver stroke there at the back that although it does not contribute in its overall performance it adds a cool look to the guard. However, the foam offers great cushioning so that you feel comfortable wearing the guards. The padded foam also helps a lot in protecting your shin.

adidas Performance Ghost Youth Shin Guards, Shock...
  • Flexible hard shield for protection and comfort
  • EVA backing for optimal comfort and durable cushioning
  • Adjustable single-strap front closure

Color and Weight:

These soccer shin guards are available in different colors that give a vibrant look to their appearance. Although they will get covered with the sleeves but their color will still be visible. However, they come in Solar Gold with Black graphic, Solar Red with Black graphic and Solar Green with White graphic, so you can pick anyone that attracts you.

As for the weight, each of the guards comes in 2.4 ounces. So, you will find them quite light. However, some users still felt the bulkiness but this should not be a problem after frequent use.

adidas Performance Ghost Reflex Shin Guards, Black,...
  • Part of our Ghost Guard Collection, this is a great...
  • Highly protective hard shield front plate to keep shins...
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop strap closure and ankle strap...


When it comes to the material of the guard’s back part, the brand has used Cushioned EVA foam for providing comfort and protection. Besides, the guards are designed with Polypropylene material that is comparatively durable than many other soccer shin guards.

As for the Sleeves, they are made up of Polyester. Although they will have some wear and tear, they are able to last a lot of seasons. Speaking of sleeves, they help improve blood circulation which is an amazing factor to have.

Pros and Cons:

  • Hard front plate to protect the shins.
  • The back has a foam that offers extra protection and comfort.
  • The guard is durable and solid.
  • Come with sleeves to hold the guard in place.
  • Sleeves offer a snug fit.
  • The shape is generic, so the left and right factors do not matter.
  • Come in three pop colors.
  • Weighs very light.
  • Able to meet the NOCSAE standard.
  • The guards might slide off the sleeves.
  • Sleeves become loose quickly.
  • Sleeves might wear out soon.
  • The guards might feel bulky.
  • The product might run large.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How to get the size right?
Answer: Before grabbing Adidas ghost shin guards, it is very important that you measure the size. For that, you have to stand with feet slightly apart and back to the wall without shoes at first. Then measure in inches from the ground to the top of your head for height. Take a look at the chart from the Adidas page, and match the size of the shin-length and circumference that goes with your height. This way, you can get a proper size.

Question: Do Adidas Ghost Shin guard have Velcro strap?
Answer: No, the guards do not have Velcro Strap. They come with sleeves that are required to be put on at the top of the guards to hold them in place.

Question: Can both adult and youth use them?
Answer: You can check the sizing chart provided by Adidas to know if the height of both adult and youth falls on the size of the guards. If it does, then yes both adults and youth can use them. Make sure, you measure your height before making a purchase because this is stated to be an important factor. To give you a rough idea, you can follow this for some help:
XS- 3 feet 11 inches to 4 feet 6 inches.
Small- 4 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 2 inches.
Medium- 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 9 inches.
Large- 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 1 inch.
XL- 6 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 5 inches.

Adidas Ghost Shin Guards: A Video Review

Conclusion: Adidas Ghost Shin Guards

These shin guards are able to rule the pitch with its solid hard shell and cushioning backside. Its colorful guards slip into the compression sleeves easily that offer easy adjustment and snug fit. Not just that, the guards are also able to protect your shin from several injuries and bruises during the match. So, if you want both quality and performance, then you can take these guards into consideration. Else you can choose other shin guard as well.

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