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Adidas Entrada 18 Jersey![A Useful Review].

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Adidas apparel is something that is loved by every player from every generation. While some get confidence from their product, some make it everyday wear. If you are a player, then you should be an owner of Adidas product.

If you think you lack one, then you can opt for this Adidas Entrada 18 jersey that does not only feel comfortable but also look casual. Not just that, there are also more reasons to love the shirt. Therefore, why not just we know them?

adidas entrada 18 jersey

Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes:

Features of Adidas Entrada 18 Jersey:


The Adidas has used their proprietary Climalite fabric for the jersey. This is a kind of absorbent fabric that helps in removing the sweat away from the skin so your body can stay cool and dry. And you can trust their boast because users seemed to very happy about the jersey performed.

You will love to use this jersey even in the hot season. However, speaking of Climalite, this is one of Adidas innovative designs that comes in a combination of synthetic on the inner and cotton on the outer. Above all, it helps evaporate moisture and improve sweat-pulling properties.

A little con is that many users found the material on the thin side. So, it can make your body shape visible if you don’t pick a loose one. However, since the jersey has comforted them, so this con does not matter.

adidas Boys' Entrada 18 Jersey, Black/White, XX-Small
  • Regular fit is wider at the body, with a straight...
  • Crewneck provides full coverage
  • Climalite wicks sweat to keep you dry in every...


The size of the jersey comes in a range from x-small to 3x-large. So, it happens to include almost every one of the different shapes and sizes. If you aren’t sure of the measurement, then you can take help from the sizing chart that has been provided by the brand.

Remember that the sizing chart is just the rough measurement to give you an idea about it. So, the apparel might not be true to their size sometimes. There are many users who claimed the jersey to run large so you might face the same.

adidas Men's Entrada 18 AEROREADY Primegreen Regular...
  • Regular fit is wider at the body, with a straight...
  • Crewneck provides full coverage
  • Climalite wicks sweat to keep you dry in every...


The jersey comes in several color combinations. Moreover, all of the colors look bright and vibrant that can help boost your confidence. In addition, the best part is that no matter how much you wash the jersey, it does not lose its color, which is great for showing its worth.

You will have options of about 16 colors that include Red and white, Black and white, Bold Blue and white, Clear Blue and white, Collegiate Green and white, Collegiate Purple and white, Dark Blue and white, Light Grey with white, Maroon and white, Yellow and white, White and black, Solar Yellow and white, Solar Green and white, Shock Pink and white, Rave Green and white, and lastly Orange and white.

So, you can choose your color from the range that you think will suit you the most.


You will get the jersey in classic cut style, which is definitely the most casual style you can grab.

Moreover, you will also found a contrast round neck with Adidas three stripes down right on both the shoulder sides to boast about the brand.

You will also find Adidas badge of the logo that has been thermo transferred on the right side of the chest.

adidas mens Youth Entrada 18 Jersey Black/White...
  • climalite fabric sweeps sweat away from your skin
  • This product is part of the adidas sustainable product...
  • This product is part of the adidas sustainable product...


Since the jersey dries quickly so it will be very easy to wash. In addition, you can wash them through a machine or by hand that’s up to you. And above all, the color of the jersey does not get faded which has already been mentioned.

However, some users found the hem getting ripped after the wash since they washed in inside which is suggested by the brand. So, it is better that you follow regular steps to wash the shirt.

Pros and Cons:

  • Climalite fabric keeps the body cool and dry by removing the moisture.
  • It can be used in hotter season.
  • Maintenance is easy.
  • It does not lose its color.
  • It comes in 16 different color combinations.
  • Design feels casual and great.
  • Material will last long.
  • High quality.
  • Size option ranges from x-small to 3x-large.
  • Comfortable to wear for its thinness. Soft breathable material.
  • Might run large.
  • The thinner fabric might make the body shape visible.
  • The hem might get ripped if washed inside out.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to get the size right?
The brand has provided a sizing chart to give you a rough idea of measurement. Meanwhile, you can check there to get the size right.

For your convenience, see the chart below that is given by Adidas.

  • XS (30/32, 32/34): Chest 30 — 34″, Waist 27 — 29″, Hip 32 — 34″
  • S (34/36, 36/38): Chest 34 — 38″, Waist 30 — 32″, Hip 35 — 37″
  • M (38/40, 40/42): Chest 38 — 42″, Waist 33 — 35″, Hip 38 — 40″
  • L (42/44, 44/46): Chest 42 — 46″, Waist 36 — 39″, Hip 41 — 44″
  • XL (46/48, 48/50): Chest 46 — 50″, Waist 39 — 43″, Hip 44 — 48″
  • 2XL (50/52, 52/54): Chest 50 — 54″, Waist 43 – 47″, Hip 48 — 51″
  • 3XL (54/56, 56/58): Chest 54 — 58″, Waist 48 — 53″, Hip 51 — 56″

Is this a set of 18 jersey or just one jersey?
No, this is not a set of 18 jerseys, you will get one if you order one. 18 is just the name of the jersey.

Does the jersey come true to its size?
No, the size might run large as per many users.

Can I iron print to the jersey?
Yes, you can iron print onto the jersey, it will not get damaged.

A video Review:

Conclusion : Adidas Entrada 18 Jersey

In conclusion, have yourself trained with this Adidas Entrada 18 jersey to make a difference on the field. Since it has been made with sweat-absorbent fabric, you can wear it in warm weather as well. The jersey is able to keep you clean and dry so that you can focus well on your performance. Besides, you will also love their color variations. So, you can pick more than one if you want. Therefore, the jersey is super reasonable to grab. So, hurry up before the stock gets out!

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